Monday, February 1, 2016

2/1/15 - Week 7 - CRAZY WEEK!

Ok So wow... I dont even know what to say.
This was the last week in the transfer and it was interesting. On
Wednesday we ate relleno negro for the first time, and in case you
arent familiar with what that is... it is black meat pork insides with
black water... My companion got sick after.. We went to the hospital
but like the main hospital in all of Yucatan on thursday and we found
ourselves in an area called Alta Brisas. Wow it is like a different
country there. I saw many a mercedes benz and we went to ihop... there
is a pf changs, a dairy queen, and man I was in heaven.
This week in Tixkokob its Carnaval, and so we barely had any lessons
because nobody was home. Carnaval in Tixko is small, but its like the
pride of the people there. On saturday, we went to a baptism for the
hermanas in our district and they sang How Great Thou Art and they
sounded like angels hahaha!
Sunday I gave my first talk, and we had a branch missionary activity
and I went to visit Don Pich with the branch President Garcia. It was
a great experience and he teaches with power.
Ok so I am now in another area, 4 hours away from Tixkokob and life as
I knew it. I am with a companion who just finished his training, and
apparently I am not going to finish my training because I am the
District Leader of Peto. To say I am stressed would be a slight
understatement, and I have so much to learn I am either gonna come out
super strong, or have a nervous breakdown.. not quite sure which...
I genuinely loved my first area and the people there, and I miss Elder
Nolasco. He is really one of my favorite people and one of my best
friends. My new companion is Elder Aguilar and he is a good kid, and
young. He likes to work hard and I know we will have success, but I
can already tell we are going to have a different kind of
relationship. I really hope I grow up quick, and I am excited for who
I can become if I survive. Also, There is a ton of Mayan in Peto...
wish me luck.
Elder Jordan Saunooke

P.S. Also I forgot to mention that on Friday night, we had a surprise visit
from a less active at midnight who doesnt like gringos. he kept asking
me why they send sickness to yucatan, and he must have asked about 20
times. he finally liked my answer when I responded that its because
like we read about satan tempting the savior, they want the glory of
the world. He had scissors that he said were a gift, but I think he
originally wanted to stab us. He ended up being nice, and left as my
friend because he found out I want to be a surgeon which is his dream,
and so he thinks I have a good heart.

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