Wednesday, February 10, 2016

It gets worse before it gets better! 2/8/16

Ok the mission is so flipping hard how do people do it for two years. Every moment I am awake I am working til my body aches my mind breaks and I can barely stand. Then we start to plan. I love my area actually and we have two. We have Peto and Tzucacab. Tzucacab reminds me of a mexican cherokee. We eat in huts and its so freaking cool. The branch president is fluent in mayan as is the entire branch and the casa de oracion is pretty cool. i love the people here. I miss my last companion and I realized we didnt work nearly as hard as we should have. My new companion is a freaking pharisee and loves rules more than he loves life itself. Today on pday all we did was clean because he only likes to clean profoundly because its a rule. There was a lot I wanted to write but since I am with mr. strict I dont have that much time. I am glad to be senior companion but I have zero idea what I am doing...This transfer is 7 weeks long and its gonna be the longest time of my life.I need some serious help because I dont know what I am doing. I am supposed to be in training still...

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