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Elder Jordan Saunooke 5/9/16 ~ Another Week "Bites the Dust"

Ok so Tuesday we saw Manuel Diaz on his bike and we said hi to him as he went past but he just made this kinda sly smirk face and kept going. Twenty mins later he passes by again.... and does the exact same thing. So we decide to visit him the next day and he tells us that its because he thought he was driving a motorcycle... needless to say yes the word of wisdom is still a problem. 
Saturday night we had a branch activity and actually had about 15 people!! It was so awesome to see everyone come out and it was funny to hear mayan right next to me as we watched The Testaments which is basically what my mission still looks like 2000 years later. 
Sunday we only had about 12 people in la casa de oracion and they all left after second hour.. but yes I did get to talk with my mommy so that was great!! I loved seeing my family and how honestly they look about the same and Ansley is still not talking tons... yes that makes me happy. 
Something I have been thinking of this week is that really our baptismal covenant is what drives missionary service. Yes I have been set apart as a missionary but really its because I am baptized that I should do what I am doing.
I was reading in 3 Nefi this week and I decided to change some words in chapter 11 verse 11.
Y he aqui, soy un representante de la luz y la vida del mundo; y he bebido del convenio del bautismo, y he glorificado al Padre, tomando sobre mi el nombre de Cristo, con lo cual me he sometido a la voluntad del Padre en todas las cosas desde el principio. Ta poderoso eso;)
Ok well there are lots of things I could write but thats the mish... tons of new things every day:)
Love you guys!!

Elder Jordan Saunooke 5/2/16

Ok so this week we had divisiones and I was with Elder Quinto!! It was really fun to be with someone who speaks both languages fluently. He is such a great guy and we had so much fun and yes we taught 64 lessons this week. Me cuesta... tengo CAAANNNsancio hermano en las palabras de Jose Rivero Cab. Some funny experiences were contacting literally a straight catholic street... door after door... one old guy walked to the window told us he couldnt listen to us because he cant walk, and then walked back to his chair. That made me laugh a lot honestly. We taught a family Tuesday night with two daughters age 15 and 11 and they were both so interested in the easter videos. Their dad is beyo locoi or half crazy in mayan and started talking and they were like shut up we want to watch!! They even fought over who got to read the yoke of christ scripture. 
In the house we had a bomb sleeping situation. It is so hot so we opened the windows and ghetto rigged the two fans in the window to bring in cold air. And Elder Quinto tiene un buen de canciones y si disfrutamos mucho:)) Too bad my comp doesnt like sleeping with the windows open because he doesnt want anyone to see into the house.... 
Ok so on tuesday we went and visted the Cab family and they fed us afterward and it was so good! I love them! We walked on the way to Clementes house and it was so hot so we decided to buy this pineapple juice from a barrel that is sold in plastic baggies. It was so nice and cold and the guy swore it wasnt alcohol...long story short... yes i drank alcohol in the mission. Should have known just by the fact that it started out tasting weird and at the end it was great hahhaha!
We taught a lesson to two recient converts and they asked us that if we shouldnt work on the sabbath day why as missioneries we still preach... im wondering the same thing hahah but it was a powerful way to point out the difference in working for personal gain and for the salvation of others.
I have loved reading the Continous Atonement this week. Literally every day I have had someone ask me a question about what I read in the morning from that book. With our branch president we taught his cousin and he was asking about Christ and the wine at the wedding. It was so cool to have just read that really what that demonstrates to all is that christ has all the rights and power to CHANGE. 
I have also loved teaching using the story of living up to your potential which is the Pres Uchtdorf talk and how when people choose not to read their scriptures they are choosing to eat cheese in their bedroom instead of join the already paid for parties and festivities on board. It seems to really connect with the people. 
We finally had our shower and toilet fixed this morning! We also had concrete barriers put at the bottom of the doors so we dont have problems with rats and yes I definitely wrote my name in the concrete.
We had transfers and it looks like im at least gonna be in el fuego purificador por 4.5 meses with my same comp so there must be a reason im here. I actually took a pic in the ccm pointing to the mission and im pointing to Peto in the picture....
love you all!!!

Elder Jordan Saunooke's Email 4/25/16

Te Voy a Decir Una Cosa...

Monday we finally had a zone activity!! We played a little bit of volleyball, and the future relief society, that is to say the sisters cooked hamburgers afterwards for everyone!! I have bad news...I can no longer touch rim.... I thought that day would never come but I guess after having spent every drop of energy in my body, combined with back problems, and a few trips to the hospital....yeah I jump like a white boy. I went to buy ice after with Elder Wasden and Elder Flores and those are two of the funniest guys ever and definitely in the mission. Elder Flores was asking if my comp was always so serious and he was like you need to tell him to break the rules! Hahahaha I was laughing so hard, and then right after this small dog that he hadnt seen attacked him and he jumped about three feet in the air.
Tuesday Elder Aguilar and I contacted this lady who is about 25 years old who was sitting outside the house on her phone. She told us that a few weeks ago she had told the witnesses maybe another day, but she liked the way we talked. She asked me if I used to be a model, and then asked if as missioneries if we have to always be together.... umm that is a definite yes. 
Thursday we contacted this guy who works in a construction shop and is actually the owner. Turns out he had received lessons from Elder Ceballos and Elder Flores about a year ago... like everyone else we contact. "Un chaparrito y un grandote de la Republica Dominicana" as they all say. He was telling us that its good to experiment with drugs and the things of the world so we can learn and have experience and I couldnt help but think of many a conversation with Dad that so many people think that way and it is so sad!! We also taught Jose Rivero and his brother Gener and they are great. They are good friends with an Elder Bingham who served here like 2 years ago and they even used to play wii sports with him I think. They always love to talk to us, and the main problem with their fam is the word of wisdom. I swear everytime we talk with a drunk person they talk forever and say the phrase... te voy a decir una cosa... and hence comes the title of this email. Their cousin is always around drinks a lot and always tells us we are gonna eat in his house one day when he is sober. We were teaching Jose and Gener and they were asking us what we are gonna do after the mission. Jose answered his own question and póinting at me was like you are getting married, and Elder Aguilar started to say he was gonna get married too, and Jose interrupted and said no you are just gonna study i can already see it! I may or may not have busted up. They are both doing really well and Gener has officially committed to stop drinking and hasnt fallen yet!!
Friday we went to Oxz to do baptismal interviews and unfortunately for the hnas it fell through... The good news is that i found a lil restaurant nearby and the guy that is the chef made alfredo and used to work in the US! He asked me if I wanted garlic bread and i didnt hear what he said so he asked me in english... oh the white life. Or should I say half burnt to a crisp life. Its so hot here.... its about 105 and humid every day and there is no ac anywhere.... yeahhhhh. Anyway he cooked alfredo and i think my comp about died when he used white wine to cook... i explained to him that it all burns off but he wasnt convinced and chose to not eat.... but I did buy food for the hnas too and so it was a mini picnic. The elders also had an interview lined up and this guy is awesome. He has one foot that doesnt have bones and is all curled up like Harry Potter´s arm in the second movie when he has his bones removed. He is seriously straight gold and has such a strong testimony and desire to be baptized. it was a very neat experience to be able to share with him. 
Love you all and hope you have a great week!!

But I dont wanna marry a Yucateca:( ~ Elder Jordan Saunooke's Email 4/18/16

Ok this week has been great and not so great... Wednesday we had our entrevistas with pres Garcia and it was so powerful!! He had this revelation for our area mid interview and said that if the members dont keep the sabbath day holy, it will not rain, nothing will grow this year, and that they will continue poor for all their lives. It was very powerful but he also shared a scripture in exodo that talks about how the lord provided mana in double quantity to ensure that the saints could keep the sabbath day holy and how there is always a way. Hna Garcia bought us all these slurpèe like drinks and yes of course i chose piña colada... she is so funny because she was saying it was so hot and I honestly didnt even notice because we were inside the ac hahaha she is definitely used to Merida. I also may or may not have heard a 21 pilots song as someone drove past this week.. something I never thought would happen in Peto, Yucatan.

Friday we visited this less active sister who has so much faith. Hna Vila. She said right away that she wants to go to the temple and attend church but she needs someone to help her so she doesnt fall. And just like that she went to church this week for the first time in years thanks to the help of Hna Adela. Speaking of Hna Adela we ate with her on friday and I guess she and her boyfriend had just seen a vampire movie cuz the whole time they were telling us to eat and eat in a Dracula voice hahah she is hysterical. When we ask her if there is anything special she would like us to pray for she says stuff like, That God takes away this white hairs im getting,  she is definitely one of my favorite people. 

Saturday my throat infection came back and so we went to Merida. It was so funny because practically from the moment we got there we saw members and everyone was like hey elders! There was some sort of event at the temple and there must have been 200 people there outside. It was very cool to walk past and made me feel very proud to be a member of this church. I went to Star Medica  and I now have some strong throat stuff that is helping and a muscle relaxer for my back.  We traveled back standing almost the entire time, but we contacted this guy and his girlfriend who are going to do a support program for childer in Oxz. The girl is from New york and so for the first time.... I taught the Book of Mormon in english... wow that was weird. We got home and our branch pres Pres Cab and his family were waiting for us and they had food. They had made stuff up and came to see how I was feeling.. I love them!! 

And as for the title of this email... yesterday we rested a bit in the afternoon cuz i was still feeling pretty weak and for the first time I thought.. hmmm maybe I will rest in my hammock. So for about thirty minutes i was laying down and I have no idea how it happened but the hammock slipped off the hook and I fell HARD.  And so according to missionary tradition I have to get married to a yucateca.... yeah dont think so.;) Anyway I love you all and hope everyone is having the time of their lives:)
Elder Jordan Saunooke

Short & Sweet ~ Elder Jordan Saunooke's Email 4/11/16

Ok so this is gonna be a quick one!! We had divisiones this week and I was with my padrastro aka Elder Gomez! It was so fun and he has 26 months in the mish so you could say i was learning just as much as the people we taught. We bought matching ties and taught Roberto about the priesthood and got him to understand that the priesthood is the authourity and power of God. 
We sang The star spangled banner as a song, and wow i kinda forgot at first;)) Hey I also lost the cell phone this week...que chafa.. yes that phrase just killed you inside brandon...;) The last day of divisiones Elder Gomez played the meanest prank with fake blood like he split his head... that guy... XD
Saturday we taught 9 lessons!! Yeah all on foot!!! i am sleeping better now and my throat problems have mosty gone away. We had a zone conference on Friday and man do I love those guys! We ate this fruit that the hnas of my district brought and it looks like pineapple but tastes disgusting....
Last night we taught a guy who is 22 named Jorge Rivero Cab and he was really good friends with one of the missionaries who served here almost 2 years ago...  He kept asking who insulted us and said he was going to go beat them up hahahhaa he was drunk. After he asked like the sixth time I pointed to my comp and said este varon... aka this guy and he didnt understand it was a joke at first. The work is seeming to turn here and I really do love my branch and our investigators! Love you all!!!

Ummmm.... FRUIT!

Elder Jordan Saunooke's Email 4/4/16

Well this Tuesday we met a drunk guy named Roberto that was honestly pretty racist and Hostile... he asked us to return to visit him the next day and I really didnt want to but we did anyway. When we returned he was such a different person and was saying how he was going to stop drinking completely, be an example for his two young sons before it was too late, and was going to raise them to pray to God... wow that was a change. I accidentally stepped on his dog, and it bit me but luckily the teeth didnt puncture my skin.... 
We have new excellence goals as a mission and that means, 50 lessons a week. Wow that is a lot... I know it will be good though. I am actually most happy when we are teaching and when its just me and my comp is when i start to feel less than happy so that is a great goal to have. We taught manuel diaz but he was kinda fried and started smoking midlesson and said it was really hot. He then proceeded to climb on the roof and throw water off in buckets to cool everything down. His younger brother who is 18 was there too and joined us and I think that we have been teaching manuel all this time to be able to find his younger brother. He Was actually really interested and it was a powerful lesson about prayer and the godhead:)
Thursday we taught Roberto and his friend Jose and they love when we teach with videos... me too actually.. We showed them the video the lamb of god and the spirit was very strong as we watched how the savior personally suffered for the sins we commit. How the greatest injustice of the world happened to the only perfect man to ever live, all so that we can return to live with god and our families one day... 
The next about 6 lessons in and in Tzucacab I started feeling so lousy... we went to the doctor and turns out I have a throat infection and fever... time to rest I guess. The guy who rang us up at the health center happens to be a guy we contacted and he didnt charge us and told me to get better:) ·#blessed
We watched the conference in the casa de oracion and we were the only ones besides one member there. We put subtititles in english so that my brain wouldnt hurt so much. i can understand but after a while...... It gets to be a lil much. The talk I think was one of my favorites this conference was by Elder Renlund. He always is such a powerful speaker. it was so good to hear the conferences and its so funny to think they go by so fast as a missionary, because I remember them being so long when I was home.... I love pres Monson and I hope we get to have another conference with him...
Love you all and stay awesome
Elder Jordan Saunooke

Happy Birthday, Mom! Message from Elder Jordan Saunooke

This kid IS my HEART! 

Missionary Momma Moment 4/4/16

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ Email 3/28/16

Ok so pday always goes by so fast compared to every other day and I am pretty sure I sweat harder and work more. The whole walk 3 miles for groceries life is a lil hard sometimes not gonna lie.... I am rocking the Yucateco haircut which is basically the soccer kid haircut. Or in other words short on the sides and long on top. The last pday we went to Ticul and the next day we had divisiones with the zone leaders. Elder Bahr cooked us some delicious banana pancakes and I had syrup, pancakes, and...a HOT SHOWER!!! My first one since I arrived in Yucatan! The next day I was with Elder Ceballos (Ceballitos) and we worked on using La Pascua initiative. There are two videos we are working on using this week and I think it is a really good idea to use videos with the people in my mission. I think the majority of them learn visually. We taught a young women investigator and we just happened to run into a member who was driving her motorcycle. We asked her if she could accompany us and what do you know.. instant yes. Maaarrreee la obra esta diferente en Ticul. He taught me so much and we talked about the reason why we obey commandments. The reason is always because we love God and when we obey like this we are our own agents and have every promise and blessing that God has in store for us.
 I have been suffering slight insomnia this last month and can honestly say I havent slept past 5 since the first of February... so I am now taking sleeping pills but I just started last night so We will see what happens.
Wednesday we taught Manuel Diaz again (weed is awesome guy) and he is such an interesting character.... he just says the weirdest stuff hahah I think the drugs have already affected his brain a bit... but he felt the spirit really strong in the hymn we sung and asked if we could sing it again. He understands and feels the spirit and it is so cool to see when he gets it. I also may or may not have contacted in Mayan that day... #Itswhatever
We traveled to Mèrida the next day for an easter conference and it was honestly kind of a planch... We got told how we need to focus serving with the scripture found in D y C 4 in mind. Presidente Garcìa is so awesome and always teaches with such power. We contacted the driver of the van who brought us to Merida and he works for Hno. Canul who feeds us on Sundays. He has a dreamcatcher in front of the van and I learned that in Spanish its called Atrapasueños...makes sense. 
The next day we taught an Hno. Jose Rivero Cab who lives like two doors down from us and he is really good friends with an elder who served here before. He is still reading the BOM and we taught him with the videos and the yolk of Christ laminate that we have. He still remembered one of the songs (We are all enlisted) and wanted to sing it with us. His younger brother who was the kid holding the fighting rooster in last weeks pic is 17 years old and size and personality is a lot like Jake Kozlowski actually.. except for the fact he was drinking and offered me a swig... hahaha but he is a really good kid and I always like talking with him.
Easter was good but honestly most days all feel the same so I didnt realize it was Easter sunday until today... whoops. We went to Ticul for a district conference with Presidente Garcìa and we were the only companionship without any support from their area... so I spoke on behalf of our Branch President... honestly I dont know what I am doing but hey I try hahaah... Ihave loved reading the 2 chapter of Ether this week especially the last three verses. I love you all and invite you to read them. I hope you had a wonderful Easter!!! 
Elder Jordan Saunooke

...Because Cock Fights are a Thing Here Still... 3/21/16

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ 3/21/16 Email & Pics

Tuesday we had our district meeting in Ticul and after we stayed with Elder Gomez y Elder Quinto en su area because I had to interview one of their investigators for baptism. This investigator happens to be Julio who I taught about two weeks ago la trinidad about 50 times in english, spanish, and mayan, but poor guy just doesnt get it....but he does have a broken heart and contrite spirit so he is ready:) he also doesnt understand completely what a prophet is... he told me im a prophet... thanks;) Elder Bahr who was our AP got changed and is now my zone leader!! De hecho vamos a tener divisiones esta noche con èl y estoy bien animado :))) He is always so happy and I just love to be around him! He reminds me of Warren actually:) The bad thing about this change is that Elder Gutierrez who was my ZL is now the AP and he didnt have a chance to put the song im trying to be like jesus on my usb... i had divisiones with elder Quinto and it was so fun!! i really love my district. I drove a tricy taxi because one of the members in Oxz has one and his name is Jose Tigre and so of course there are tiger prints all over his taxi. i bought an ipod for 59 pesos aka like 4 bucks and so i will defs be putting some really good hymns on there. 
We woke up at 4 that morning to go to Mèrida for an 8 principles meeting and it was amazing. i learned so much. I got to teach with one of the APs Elder Mariscal who is fluent in English too because he grew up for like 4 years in Colorado and he taught me so much. He really teaches with power and without fear. I would love to master the language so I can teach like that. We stayed that night in Altabrisas aka the nicest place in the mission and there were 6 other elders with us. i was with Elder Moreno in one room that on the door has the picture of Christ knocking at the door and Elder Ocampo kept knocking and quoting the I stand at the door and knock quote hahaha;) 
We had one practice where I was in the demonstration in front of everyone and its crazy to be put on the spot like that hahaahh.... but I think it went well. It was about sabbath day observance and I wanted to be so difficult because thats how it is here in my area but I was nice;) Everyone works in la milpa here and so usually they cant come to our casa de oracion... But i really do love my members. Roberto had a baptism date pero se cayo esta semana because he drinks... we are gonna help him if it is the last thing I do. He always goes to church with us even ift its in his weed shirt....
We had a practice where elder Lambert and I taught a sister from Brasil Hna Silva who speaks fluent english and had a practice in english!! She learned from video games hahah... who knew. She pretended to have a problem going to church and then working after and said she had a 6 month contract that she had to work after church but the whole thing was a big joke because she was pretending to be a sister missionaryXDD How hilarious was that!?
La Hna Garcìa bought me an air mattress and yes that is so much better for my back... We had transfers but everything is the same except for one hna in my district that went to Campeche.
Love you all!
Elder jordan Saunooke

Our Giant Among Men! Elder Jordan Saunooke - March Pics

The title of this picture was "no she isnt touching me and yes it looks worse than it is;) We had to laugh!

Random Snipits Worth Mentioning ~ Elder Jordan Saunooke

YEah my back is killing so I have a regular backpack now and I really am the Count of Monte Cristo because I bought a blanket and sleep on the tiled floor... but Hna Garcìa bought me an air mattress:)) and also Alma 40-42 is probably the most perfect thing ever written

 i have loved studying moses and alma 40-42 this week.. they are powerful.

I miss the days of no shirt... its so stinking hot haha.. 

Who is ready to watch my fair lady in tminus 20 months?;) 

i am so buying a bike and you cant say anything to change my mind;))) crotch rocket baby;) everyone has them!!! 

I decided this week that Elder Gomez is sherlock holmes.... he remembered the name of a person and their house that he visited one day 17 months ago to go visit... and he realized that a guy smoked because he shook his hand and saw his fingertips... yeah crazy.

whos debbie?;)) 

ps temecula sounds like a pueblo in my area or soemthing hahahh;)

Elder Jordan Saunooke's Email 3/14/16 - Last week of Transfers!

In the morning on wednesday we went to teach a less active who was baptized about three years ago and is like 21 or 22. He was waiting for his mom to get back so that he could go and buy something to smoke week hahaha. My comp didnt understand what he meant by una chaba and neither did I but i used context clues lets just say;) He actually showed us the marijuana he is growing in front of his house in a styrophoam container hahah. When we told him that marijuana is bad for the body and mind he responded, "No es excelente!" and I cant lie I definitely laughed. He told us he feels like life is more tranquilo and chido con la mota, but I showed him the scripture found in 2 Nefi 2:27which shows us how true liberty lies in keeping the commandments. He seemed to understand better that way. He brought his really old waterstained book of mormon out and an old tithing slip fell on the floor. I asked him if he knew what it was and he replied,"No y la verdad no me interesa" hahahaha i once again laughed. 
We taught an Hermana named Valente and he is awesome!!! He is probably mid to late 20s and lives with his wife and 3 kids. He understands Mayan perfectly but is also of our generation so he speaks spanish. He said the closing prayer in straight maya.
Friday in Tzucacab I found out that hma Adela has 2 hijos in the field! i never knew that before but she was bragging about them and said "son guapisimos!" hahahha she said that probably every mom is like that. We also happened to meet a straight Gringo from Cali. He is down here on vacation for his bday cuz he is Irish and his bday is the 17th of this month. It was cool to see that life is still normal for where i come from even if my life is completely different and it was honestly way hard to have a conversation and I forgot how to ask someone their name....He was driving with his friend who lives in Tzucacab but used to work with him in california so he speaks both languages, but it was really a cool opportunity. This whole week has been pretty great actually. My comp has improved a lot and we can get along now. We have transfers the next week so we will see what happens, but quien sabe? 
Saturday we got drenched. Im talking like flume ride drenched. We had to come back to the house and change clothes, we were so soaked. We went to eat at the hermana Yupit`s house and she has 2 hijas in the mission and she always worries about them. She was talking about how she misses them, and i showed them the photo I have of you and I mom in the back of my libro de Mormòn. I told her I was sure they prayed for her everyday because that is what I do. Her husband is one of my fav people because he always sleeps through everything even though he is a councilor and when you ask him a question he responds with this high look on his face, "bashkawa?" which is like what? HAHAH it is hilarious
We woke up at 5:30 am on sunday because its what we always do to go to Tzucacab for members but no one is ever there so it just makes me more tired. We had an RM who served in Perù in la casa de oracion and he lives in another pueblo named Texax. It was really cool to have someone like that with us. Roberto was in sacrament meeting again and he has a fecha for this saturday... idk if he is completely ready though. We ate with the Canul family and they have a son in the mission even if they arent members. We have to switch houses because presidente cab told us that his bro is sometimes in our property area and drinks and is problematic sometimes but Hno Clemente has a really awesome house that we went to go see and it is in el centro! Lots less walking. Being the son of my parents I absolutely loved looking at houses hahah;) 
We taught Roberto and like 5 mins into the lesson someone rode past selling corn and he went up and bought corn. He bought corn for us too even though we told him it was the sabbath day. He speaks a lil english and was like "dont worry about it, its ok" and then said "no pasa nada" his favorite phrase hahah I love him. He told us that God knows he needs to eat and that his sabbath day ends with the sun hahhah I remember Bro Mauià saying that once;) I asked to take a pic in front of his american flag and he was like " ok so remember how I used to have porn posters....well..." Yes I know Roberto and thats part of the reason I asked. 
We are going to wake up at 3:30 tomorrow like always on tuesday, and head for ticul. This weeek we are gonna be in merida casi toda la semana because we have our 8 principios meeting and I am stoked. I love you all and cant wait to talk to you on Mother`s Day!
Elder Jordan Saunooke

Elder Saunooke's Pictures from February - March 2016

Always Smiling! (At least on the outside! ;) )

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Elder Saunooke's Email 3/7/16 ~ Used to Like Rollercoasters!

Ok so this week was a rollercoaster week full of ups and downs. I know that lots of it has to do with differences between my companion and I. Our relationship is improving but we are so very different hahaha... I like to joke and have fun and well.... yeah... 
We had like three days of practically pure walking, we are talking probably 16 miles in two of these days. Wednesday marked a year exactly since Papa died and I have been studying Alma 40-42 a lot. Interestingly enough, the year mark day, we went with an Hermano in our branch se llama Hermano Clemente. He is 77 and walks with a shuffle haha:) We walked everywhere that day and every appointment fell through, and i felt so bad that he was walking all this way with us. I took him into a store and told him whatever he wanted i would buy him. He chose a yogurt drink and I honestly loved being with him. While my comp was walking ahead i stayed behind and just asked him stories about his life. i couldnt help but remember countless times with Papa talking about life on the Reservation, football, and life in general. I missed him very much that day, and it wasnt until later that night that I realized what day it was.
Friday we taught a family of gold in the morning. They have an 11 year old boy that is a straight stud named Alex. We taught them how to pray and he was so excited and trying so hard to make sure he did it right. We also taught a sister who has lots of health problems... She sat in her hammock the whole time and talked about how her faith would one day allow her to walk again. She actually started to pee in the hammock right down on the floor and I realized how blessed my life is. Even though I have a bad attitude more than I should, and definitely dont want to walk 10 miles a day, how blessed I am that I can. 
We had an experience later that day with an hermano that we attempted to teach in our other area Tzucacab. he was laying in a chair in front of his house, and told us he would rather sleep. I asked him if we could sing for him, and he kind of blew up on me and told me that in the bible it clearly states that we shouldnt praise God in the streets... some people test me hahaha, but I have mastered the Michael Westen fake smile;) 
We also had our first real experience with someone that genuinely hates us. We have an investigator who always works in a hardware store on Sunday and so we thought we would go and visit her boss. We went to see him, and he welcomed us with open arms and was straight awesome. His daughter was there too and is probably about 23 or so and we sang Families can Be Together Forever. His wife was sleeping but when she heard us, she stormed out of her bedroom to tell her family how we only want to change her religion and went upstairs and slammed the door. And so went that lesson....
Sunday we had probably 20 people mas o menos en la casa de oraciòn. It was not a lot, and we teach the youth. It is so weird to be a youth teacher because sometimes i honestly feel like I am still a youth hahah but it goes to show how fast life is.
Love you all tons,
Elder Saunooke

Elder Saunooke's Email 2/29/16

So... I finally had divisiones! I had so much fun. I literally had my eyes opened and realized that the mission can be fun too. I was in Oxzkutzcab with Elder Gomez and we first had our lunch appointment with a less active named Gustavo. He is a taxi driver and pulled up blasting drake and had an American bandanna hanging down from his jeans. I think he is currently cheating on his wife, and making some other disagreeable choices but it was nice to ride in a car again. 
With Elder Gomez I taught for the first time, a lesson about the temple. I dont think I have ever seen someone teach the way he does, he is incredible. He served three transfers in Guatemala before this mission and has 20 months here. He has a photographic memory practically and so has almost the entire book of mormon memorized. He is hilarious and literally every member loved him. I think I learned more from this temple lesson than the members did. 
We taught this huge guy name Julio Caesar that speaks english! He worked in Cali a bit and so he speaks a fair amount actually. We had to explain the godhead no less than 40 times because we would ask who is God and he would say something like The Holy Ghost or Jehovah. HAHAH it was actually funny after a bit;) Elder Gomez asked me something I had honestly never considered before... He asked me what I do to increase my spirituality every week. I had no answer. He told me he fasts once a week, memorizes 2 scriptures a day, and always asks for forgiveness hahaha. I loved working with him because he knows like everything, but is hilarious and likes to have fun too. We ordered pizza and it was glorious. 
The next day I literally fed a monkey crackers... thats right my mission is sometimes straight jungle. We had a change in plans that night and our huge meeting conference thing that was supposed to be in two weeks got changed to the next day. We had to finish our divisiones and travel in our air conditioned gift from heaven the charter bus se llama Mayab. We arrived in Merida and stayed just outside in a place called Chuburnal which was the nicest house I have seen in the mission. It had stairs, and air conditioning!!! We were with Elder Aponte who is in his last cambio, and is from the DR. He can actually speak english quite well and helped me get to their house with directions in English.
The next day we had our conference for like 6 hours. I learned so much! I finally understand why we dont drink coke. The missionaries before us taught that it is against la palabra de sabiduria and so many people associate it with something bad. So like the apostle Paul taught in Cor 8, if something that members do weakens the faith of converts... dont do it. President Garcia taught that english is the language of the restoration and also about eternal marriage and families. He is so freaking powerful in his teachings... just wow. We ate pizza afterward from Lil Caesars and then went to the offices for supplies. I rode next to the APs in the bus and I love them but I honestly dont see me being like them. They told me that the spirit tells them for how long and what to clean in their house, and that they dont use alarms because the spirit wakes them up... I would defs sleep without an alarm. They also advised me to study in English to really learn the gospel and that is what they did to learn more.
The next day we went to Tzucacab for a funeral services for one of our less actives. I said the prayers surrounded by a few sparse members and the rest of his catholic family... it was like a dedicatory thing but not so much... Also that night our branch presidents dad passed away. he was hunting in the mountain with his grandson and they were in different parts and his grandson mistook him for an animal... and shot him. Talk about horrible. We visited the family the next day and he was absolutely tortured soul sobbing.... it was heartbreaking. I gave him a blessing and told him that it wasnt his fault and that his grandfather was now in a state of paradise. This week was a week of pure learning for me in every meaning of the word. Love you all!
Elder Jordan Saunookes