Friday, March 25, 2016

The Truth about P-Days - Elder Jordan Saunooke 2/22/16

Well pday is never fun actually... its basically clean and write to your family. The good news its that for the leadership training in merida we went to Ticul and I formed a trio with the zls. They are so freaking awesome. Elder Ceballos is from colombia and all of about 5 foot and served in my area for six months actually! Elder Gutierrez is from the north of mexico and just straight up awesome. I finally figured out the name of the spanish song that always plays in mayab bus thanks to him! Y fue asi is the song btw and it rocks. We ordered a pizza that night and it was the first pizza for them in their area as well as for me.  We woke up at 4:30 to travel to merida. The conference was great but honestly im a lot more of a fun loving guy than most missionaries. I loved the spirit I felt and what I learned, but I really dont like when people try to imitate the spirit through strong emotion I have to say. I saw the hermanas of my last district and my old comp Elder Nolasco! I also saw my abuelo Elder McDonald in addition to my papa! He is like fluent in mayan, spanish, and english. Life goals. I loved Hermana Garcías talk about Elder Maxwell and how his advice in spite of everything is to never dismay. President García talked about the baptismal interview questions and man are they strict! Its basically a temple recommend interview. Also Elder Nolasco and I just happened to wear our matching ties. Apparently any time of tea is bad, including green... didnt know that. 
Friday morning we woke up at 3:30 because my comp takes forever to get ready and we had our zone conference in Ticul. I learned so much but I had to share my list fav message.. basically no more fun on pday;P The message of my own abuelo. But I did get to use the cleanse the interior vessel first scripture so thats cool. If you arent already doing it... study by theme. Its way better when reading the scriptures. I basically want to be Elder Gomez because he has every scripture memorized practically and its because he studies by theme. He said he has only read the bom one time. Elder Gutierrez and I were together xuz we did splits and in the morning my comp and I forgot our luggage on the bus and he went with Elder Ceballos.. I loved being with Elder Gutierrez and he wants to go to byu i and we talked about idaho and costa vida for a few hours!!! Also listen to Im trying to be like jesus by emily brown!!!
Love you all!!
Elder Saunooke

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