Friday, March 25, 2016

Hahaha! Just Kidding, folks! It's all good... (Elder Saunooke 2/15/16)

Well sorry for my almost nervous breakdown. It was in part because my comp was making up rules that didnt exist to be more strict..... The next day we had our district meeting though and everything was so much better. I love my district so freaking much. Elder Gomez who has 20 months in the mission is one of my favorite people ever and I honestly love being DL and talking to my district every night. I am learning so much, and honestly I had a dream in mayan. i said ta a kin sic bah tik un pesh shock which means, we want to share a message. I also led the practices in our zone meeting.... That was fun. Try and teach when the people you are teaching have kids that like to interrupt... yeah im fun I know;) Our ZLs showed me what I need to do as district leader and that made everything so much better. 
Ok so my favorite family we are teaching live in the centro and always feeds us hahaha. The mom looks like a spanish version of Braden`s mom actually. We taught them on thursday and the spirit was so strong and i felt like i was glowing as i taught. I love involving kids when I teach and maybe I dont know lots but I feel like I have always been good with people.
Also, I had my first baptismal interviews as DL. Wow that is crazy. I thought back to when I had my interview with Bishop Martinez and how special I felt then, and how i want to recreate that. The sister has such great faith and had an operation to amputate two of her fingers, but she said she could do it only after she prayed... wow. 
We went to Tzucacab friday and like i said its mexican Cherokee. We ate with the family who always feeds us, and her daughter who is like 25 was asking how to say I love you in english, and I thought she asked how to say I dont want to marry you, but I think it was the opposite... should have guessed with all the makeup she was wearing;P To her credit she is one of my favorite people I have met here hahahhah
The work is hard here because nobody goes to church...its hard to have progressing investigators for this... Love you all tons!
Elder Saunooke

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