Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Elder Saunooke 1/18115

What a crazy week! We had a zone meeting on Tuesday that was really good to attend and hear the words of our Zone Leaders. They shared some things that I had honestly not thought of before. They bore their testimonies that we as missionaries literally have authority to receive revelation for our areas and that in addition, though it may not seem like it at first, everyone has the desire to be baptized because every one chose to come to earth and follow Gods Plan. This was very good for me because I sometimes have a disconnect with my purpose here like that I am in Tixkokob because I was called by a prophet of God to be here, and that I have the authority to call upon heavenly revelation. Not because I dont believe that its true, simply because I had never considered what that truly means. We placed a book of Mormon with our bus driver friend who teaches us mayan, and had a little mini lesson on the way to our meeting. We had this amazing experience with teaching at this house that is forevveeeerrrr away from us. We had gone there already like 5 times, and we dont even know the house or people, and nobody is ever there and to be perfectly honest, I didnt want to go. We taught a 23 year old girl who lives there and we felt the spirit very strongly. She loves english and is trying to learn, so that also helped my case, and she couldnt believe that my spanish is as good as it is for only having so little time here. I know that any gift of language I have is from God. She was also amazed that we serve every day all day away from our families for two years, and that we dont really have time for ourselves. 
We went to the Castillo family house after, and we had the chance to watch Mormons v. Gangsters and it was so nice to hear so much english! I also had two moments where I thought of my siblings this day... I heard the song How firm a Foundation which made me think of Cole when we were listening to general conference in the house, and also I heard the Hum which reminded me of watching the Scorch Trials with Lins. I sure do love my family.

The next day we walked...and walked... and walked some more. I think we walked about ten miles total. Everyone was inside because it was cold, and I think sleeping because the city was dead. The no sun thing was a blessing though. But Disney has nothing on Tixko for walking.

The next day we taught a lesson in English! It was a reference of newly baptized Don Pich and the guy is 80 years old. He is so humble and so faithful and never worries or complains about anything in life because he Knows God will take care of him. Poor Don Pich didnt understand a word (welcome to my life pal) and slept the whole time hahaha!

Ansley´s Birthday! Today was so weird. We taught Liset again (23 year old) and we helped clarify some of her questions and gave her some trustworthy internet resources. We taught our last lesson of the night and... ate fox. Thats right making my ancestors proud.... It was not exactly my favorite... or the best for the stomach.  We also had a very scary experience in our home. I got up to go find my lotion and as soon as I stepped out of the room, I had the most evil, dark presence, Pandora´s box scary feeling. When I came back and couldnt shake it, I asked Elder Nolasco how he felt. He responded... Well kind of weird... I feel like there is something really dark and scary in our house. We both kinda freaked a bit. We called our ZL and he said to say a prayer... wish I had thought of that lol. We said a prayer and it was one of the most direct prayers I have ever said. We also sang a hymn, and that helped too. I kept picturing the savior in the middle of our room shining brighter than the sun at midday and I dont think I have ever been so grateful for the light that shineth in the darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not. 

The next morning, I had a little mini dance party. Our neighbors blasted american songs, and I was definitley dancing to Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.  We also had the sketchiest meal for lunch... We couldnt figure out what it was until we realized we both had half of a head on our plate... Pretty dang sure it was iguana. The sister said it was chicken when I asked her, but she was laughing the whole time.... yeah dont trust you sorry. After my companion was like, no way that thing had a snout!

The next day was so cool! We have a new chapel and it is literally the most beautiful building in Tixko. We had like 45 people in attendance including the stake president. We brought our 80 year old investigator, and I feel so cool to say I am the first missionary to pass the sacrament and offer the closing prayer in the new Tixkokob building. We even have a piano! Not that anyone knows how to sing along with one, or really sing period, but hey they try hard and as loud as they can. I actually understood everything in church too! but as time and time again has shown, every time I think I can understand spanish, God winds up with a humble curve ball... That night when we went to the branch pres house, I understood literally nothing. I was really feeling depressed honestly, and then something strange happened. Hermana Lupe came over to talk to us, and since my companion was doing phone reports, it was just me. I normally dont like talking with her a lot because she talks for everrrr... But I was really trying to forget about myself and listen to her words. As I focused on how she felt, I realized I had no time to focus on how I felt. I also had the chance to dedicate the Castillo home, and although I dont know if I even did it right, It was still a great opportunity, and practice to listen to the words of the spirit.

In addition, we have a conference for the missionaries around the world this week and I am super excited! 

Love you all and hope you have a great week!°
Elder Jordan Saunooke

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