Monday, January 18, 2016

Elder Saunooke 12/14/15

 So I have finally left the CCM. Those six weeks went by ridiculously fast and I honestly hope the rest of the mission will as well because I feel very overwhelmed right now. On friday I had some sort of plantar wort thing cut out of the arch of my left foot surgically and I was on crutches up until the day I left. I am praying that I dont die from pain from having stiches in the bottom of my foot, and that I will be able to recover quickly. We had the Tijuana temple dedication on sunday and it was an interesting experience to witness the proceedings in spanish. I hated the CCM at first but it really became my home and I really miss my 7A district family so much. 

I got maybe an hour and a half of sleep today before heading off to Merida and I was super excited. We met the APs who seem so ridiculously experienced and much better than I will ever be and the president and his wife. I ate more food at the mission home than I have in I cant remember how long. I met my companion and his name is Elder Nolasco. We are seriously out in the middle of nowhere and we literally took the nacho libre vehicle to our casa. Our casa makes homes in the Projects look like something off of Beverly Hills  and our neighbors across the street already asked us for beer money... not that I could understand a single word. I think I have come to the conclusion that I must be clinically depressed to be out here, because I feel so out of my league right now its not even funny. The spanish here is mixed with tons of Mayan and the area I am in right now is Tixkokob. Have fun figuring out how to pronounce that. 

I am seriously dripping in sweat as I write this and my fingers are slipping of the keyboard. This place makes Florida feel like an ice cold day in the desert, and it is only December. I know this email is depressing but I am not going to fake anything because I am currently in the what the heck am I doing with my life stage.... I have so much respect for those who have served missions and I hope that I will learn to serve because I love this people and not view this mission as the prison sentence I am currently viewing it as. The city of Merida itself is very cool and reminds me of a mix between Sarasota, Miami, and Cuba. But I am in a little pueblo right now. I also heard from every elder how bad the food is and how there is constant diarreah...cant wait.... 

The elders in Merida do not get to skype, we only get to call home from a phone. I love you all and hope you are enjoying your air conditioning, drinkable water, non open wound with stitches feet, and eating ice cream.

Elder Saunooke

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