Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Elder Saunooke 1/4/15 - FIRST BAPTISM!

This week was a Little crazy because I had two splits this week, and one time with the Zone Leaders. The first time was with Elder Quintana and we met him and Elder Medina in 7/11 and it felt so nice and air conditioned. We had carne asada at a members house, and we got to sit on a couch! They have a daughter who is leaving on her misión in February and it is weird to think that she will still be home before me hahaha. We then walked like 4 miles to to the very end of this dirt road to teach a contact and it went very well. She has faith in Christ and wants to change but doesnt think she can because she has mental sicknesses. It was a great opportunity to teach what I learned in capacitación about taking upon ourselves the yoke of Christ. We then walked to a members house to use the bathroom and he DROVE us to our next appointment, thats right we had a car trip. We met this guy who was baptized last year Hermano Vicente who looks like and reminds me a lot of Papa. To be even more strange he has two metal knees, and is wife died of cáncer last year. He loves to joke, and he kept asking if cigars and vodka were good for your health, but he has hearing aids so we had to shout at him to be able to talk. He has been praying for his wife who is in heaven right now, and thanks to my dad, I knew just where to turn to in the book of Alma to read about where his wife currently is... in a state of Paradise.  Also while riding in the van to Mèrida earlier that day, I Heard the song play that funky music and couldnt not picture Dad dancing to it.

The next day I went to the doctors office...again. My foot still has not healed and I still have a hole in the bottom of it. We spent most of the day with the Castillo family, which is basically our favorite house, and we spent the day with them and two other Ward members. We then went to cut Don Pich`s hair for the baptism and that guy is such a carácter. He put a fake cucaracha on me and scared the crap out of me. He also told me that he has a cat named Saunooke and kept asking where Saunooke was. My companion made the mistake of giving him his improvised tattoo machine pen, and I made the mistake of not paying attention and my poor left leg paid the Price. That night we had like zero plans, but the weirdest thing happened. That morning we found a farewell postcard for an Elder who left like 2 years ago, and while in the centro that night, we found him! He had just come back for the first time in two years! Elder Christian Price. We walked with him to a members house, and then we went again to the Castillo family, and then with branch president Garcia. President Garcia fed us, and then the Castillo family drove us home, that makes two car rides in one week! next thing you know I will experience air conditioning.

The next day we had splits again and this time with the ZLs. While walking the first part of the day, we ran into this drunk guy (everyone was drunk new years day) and he tried to give the gringo (me) weed and then dropped this fire cracker thing that practically burst my ear drum and I couldnt hear very well for a few hours.  We found a new investigator because her brother was drunk and she hates the way he acts when he is drunk and was very happy to listen to our message of true change. The zone leaders have the worst house ever and Elder Larsen`s hammock left my butt maybe 3 inches off the ground so I opted to sleep on the floor.

We went to the stake center the next morning to fill up the baptismal Font and I got to play the song A River Flows in You because the other Zone Leader Elder Torres whom I was with, has a copy.  I read the special life edition of Richard G. Scott in the Liahona and if you havent read it, you should. He served a misión for three years in uruguay, and is from Idaho. Sound kinda familiar? He was excellent with spanish and id be willing to bet his living circumstances all those years ago in uruguay were not that great, so that is a major example to me. He was also sealed in the temple just two weeks after getting back home. My companion was starving so we went to Lil Caesar`s  and we met a member family who was jamming out to some Mambo Number 5...yes please.
We picked up Don Pich and headed back to Mèrida for his baptism. It was a 3 person combined baptism and Elder Medina and I both had our first baptisms on Saturday! It only took me one time, and Don Pich was practically glowing he was so happy. It was a perfect day and the weather was like 70 degrees.

Sunday was really low key, except for the fact that at our lunch appointment the kid of the member family peed on my companions backpack. He turned to me and said I dont like childs hahahah I laughed so hard.

Love you all,
Elder Saunooke         

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