Monday, February 13, 2017

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ 12/12/16 ~ Surrounded by Catholics!! ;)

Hey everyone!!! How are you all doing?? What can you tell me about snow and cold and hot chocolate?? Is there any of that there?? Here it is definitely still hot.....

Well to start off... this week we had a zone conference in Campeche and we did a really cool contacting activity where we all left there and contacted as many people as we could see with the Ilumina el Mundo pass along cards, and it was a blast. I might have been a little crazier and thrown them in the taxis and cars as they passed by in their back windows but hey.... it was fun;) We then took pictures in front of the Campeche sign that is in front of the beach!! Super fun.

This week what has been really interesting and cool is that our ward mission leader has been helping us a ton and has become one of my best friends here. I used to think he hated me honestly but I guess I was wrong. We always try to come up with doctrinal questions to stump the other one and to have fun studies and it has really helped me to be a better teacher. We had the baptism for his niece this week, and he had me direct the baptismal program, and confirm her a member of the church in sacrament meeting. That was my first time doing that and it was really cool! He is waiting for his mission call and I am excited to see where he will go. He is so much better prepared than I was, and has only been a member for a little over a year. I always thought I was prepared before the mission, but I really wish I had taken better advantage of opportunities to go out on splits with the missionaries and study better in institute or something..... I usually study one chapter in the book of mormon, one talk from a general conference or liahona, one chapter in the new testament, a few pages in Preach my gospel, and then some other theme every day and its really helping a lot.

This week has been slightly stressful but a good learning experience. We dont really have investigators here and so that has been frustrating because contacting all day isnt really the most effective method and I really want to work the harder and smarter way. I realized though that its important not to be hard on myself and to love everyday and every challenge. My son and I are getting along way way better and that is a relief because it was a little difficult at first. I am learning so much by teaching him and I have started reviewing the lessons so much with him, that the majority of the dreams I have at night, I am teaching... its gotten to that point hahahahaa. 

And lastly this day is going to be nuts because its the day of the virgencita and the whole city is gonna go crazy...... but ill enjoy the fireworks I guess:p you know what I dont understand? people will run from here to mexico city for the virgen, but if you ask them to go to church for three hours.... forget it. hahahaha ;D

I love you all and if I can find a way to send pics I will!

Elder Jordan Saunooke

ps- Ansley you are my hero you are so brave!

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