Monday, February 13, 2017

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ Happy New Year!!

Hey Family!!!!! Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!! i actually met a lady this week who finished 25 years with her husband on the 27th as well and so that was kinda cool... she is super catholic but.... you guys at least share that in common!:)

This was a hard proselyting week because of the chaos with new years... we had one day where 5 appointments canceled on us... but it was a great week of eating lots:))

We had a very interesting teaching appointment on Tuesday. We went to visit a less active sister, and when we started I asked everyone how they were doing... each one of the family members said the same thing... that they were doing fine. In spanish it would be the equivalent of Como esta? bien. I then said that there are so many words that exist in the spanish language so i am going to ask again, but this time the word bien is not allowed. I could sense that the sister who had accepted our visit was angry, but she wasnt telling us exactly. She then proceeded to tell us that she was happy... yeah i dont think so hahhaa. We started teaching the Restoration and when we got to the part about prophets, she said that she already knew all of that, but what made her doubt was about the fall of Adam and Eve. We helped her to understand that God leaves everyone there free agency and that he even leaves satan his free agency. Satan made use of his free agency to tempt Adam and Eve. God never made Satan tempt them. When we finished the lesson the sister had calmed down lots, and it turns out the missionaries from a long time ago who were here never answered that question when she asked them and they left and never came back to visit her, so she was upset... It was a great teaching experience though.

We did an open house activity with the other branch and we got to play volleyball!!! It was so fun and I havent played in so long, that I felt like Dad felt after the turkeybowl the next day, but it was totally worth it!

We went and saw Elizabeth in libertad for the first time in like a month, because she has been working like crazy and is always busy, but she was so happy to see us, you could see her whole countenance change, and we started teaching her son Edward as well so we can prepare him for baptism.

We ate dinner with Sister Margarita and we ate chicken and potatoes... it was wonderfully american food hahah:) This email is kind of scattered but i hope you have a wonderful week and that You guys are putting your new years goals. Goals are really what help us to become who we want to become, and I know that if we make goals we can accomplish them one day at a time. In the words of the first presidency... know what God wants for you, Know that he can help you succeed, and that he loves you even if you fail.... Love you all and I hope you have a great week!!! Good luck Ansley love you!!

Elder Jordan Saunooke

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