Monday, February 13, 2017

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ 12/26/16

Hey Everyone!!!! It was so great to see you all and to be able to tell you guys Merry Christmas! Honestly you guys look so grown up to me... Ansley is really talkative and tall, Cole looks like he is 20, and Lindsey looks like she is a senior in highschool whats up with that!? What do they feed you guys there? Do you guys not eat soup, beans, and tortillas? Thats probably it;)

So to tell you guys about my week....the coolest thing we did was go to Campeche to hand out gifts to the children in the hospital. They allowed us to enter into the Oncology unit and I couldnt help but think of Ansley when I saw all of these sick children. It was a great experience even if it was a little bit sad. We actually ended up having too many presents thanks to all the members that donated for us to bring to the hospital, and we started contacting in a park and singing hymns so that we could hand out the rest of the gifts. When we finished it was a little difficult finding transportation back to our area and I went with Elder Hanke to find the vans that run to our area but there were not any tickets left, so the only thing we got was soaked..... It was so weird because it started to pour and only in the part of the city that we were in.... it was kind of like snow on Christmas Eve except not really.=) We came back to our area on a bus and everything worked out just fine, and we ate dinner with Hermana Margarita. She prepared turkey, and mashed potatoes, and soup, and it was about as close to an American meal as I get here. 

Christmas day my companion and I gave talks and I chose to talk about the importance of symbols. I talked about how in 3 Nefi the symbols of the saviors birth saved the life of all who believed in the coming of the Mesiah. We also have important symbols that save us from a spiritual death and are something that we too should look forward too anxiously every single week... the body and blood of Christ represented by the bread and water of the sacrament. Our Ward Mission leader Hector opened his mission call after sacrament meeting and he is going to Tijuana! I totally guessed that three weeks ago, and I know he will be such a good missionary, I am very excited to see what he will become. 

Oh we also went with Hector and another girl from our branch to sing to the people in the local nursing home here, and it was so fun! It has been a long time since I have done that. 

I loved talking with you guys and seeing all of your smiling faces!! I hope you have a happy new year and enjoy the last week of 2016!!

Elder Jordan Saunooke

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