Monday, February 13, 2017

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ Merry Christmas! ~ 1219/16

Hi wonderful family of mine!!! How have you guys been??? Are you guys excited for Christmas??

We went to Campeche on Tuesday night to make sure we could be there on time without having to wake up ridiculously early on Wednesday to make it to the Christmas party! We stayed in Sascalum and we were with Elder Calel and Elder Garcia. That night we went to Dominos pizza and i dont think I have ever burned my mouth so bad before... I guess I was just really hungry.

The Christmas party was lots of fun and we had a talent show. Our zone sang the song Jingle Bell Rock and it was lots of fun, and it was great to see the other groups as well. Do you guys remember Elder Tingey? He is serving as a zone leader in Campeche and man that kid is a future actor hahhaha it was great to see lots of my friends and to be there with lots of zones. There was even a piñata and we ate tacos al pastor. That night we stayed with the zone leaders Elder Hanke and Elder Rodriguez in Samula and that was lots of fun except for the fact that..... I lost my debit card. That was pretty stressful and frustrating to be honest, but hanging out with them and eating this giant gummy snocone helped out a bit hahaha. 

This week the two branches of Escarcega and Morelos had their Christmas parties or in othe words their posada. The branch of Escarcega asked us to be the three wise men in the play they did, and we ate lots of food. In our posada with Morelos we put on the video un regalo para el mundo, el espiritu de la Ñavidad, and Ilumina el Mundo. It was really great and we had an attendance of like 60. 

A cool teaching experience we had this week.... I asked one of our investigators if he had ever asked himself why he is Catholic and he just stood there looking at me. He was like actually that is a really good question... youre right all ask tonight in the prayer if what you guys shared was true. And we had a lady we have been visiting show up to sacrament meeting and I honestly didnt think she would come, but she did and it feels so good to see your investigators follow through! 

I Hope you guys all have a wonderful week and A Merry Christmas!!! I am so excited to see you guys this Sunday! Love you tons!

Elder Jordan Saunooke

ps- where are the shaved head pics? Cmon dont be shy I know you guys have some hahaha

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