Monday, February 13, 2017

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ 12/5/16 ~ 13 MONTHS!!!

Hey family!!!! 
So since the last time I wrote you guys, we traveled to Merida again because we had the visit from Elder Pieper! It was a lot of traveling but it was definitely worth it to hear the words of one of the Lords ordained general authorities. buttttt.... before that....
I got to go back to Kanasin!!!! We showed up to ward night and I got to see lots of people that I missed seeing! I got to see Omar and his wife and we talked with them for a while and then we went to see Bianca and her family. Bianca was at school finishing an English examen but while we were waiting her family made us dinner, and even though we may or may not have stayed out kinda late waiting for her, she did show up and it was so cool to be able to see her again! I sure love her and her family they make me so happy. Juan Carlos (her husband) brought us to stay in my old house in kanasin with Elder Johnson and Elder Sandoval.. 2 english speaking guys hahahah so it was a fun night!

We got up at 5 to see Elder pieper and we talked really about basic missionary things but it was great to go over those things. I asked the question of what is acceptable as far as tea in the Word of Wisdom because the missionaries all teach it differently and I wanted to hear from a 70 what he wants us to teach here... he let President Ruiz answer but he mentioned something about caffeine which led to the conversation about that topic. Elder Pieper said that we dont drink black or green tea and that everything else is acceptable and that the Word of Wisdom has nothing to do with caffeine. I felt like Luke from Modern Family...."sometimes I like to just throw a bomb and see what happens" hahahha.

On the bus all the missionaries went back together in the bus so it was fun being with everyone! The Christmas devotional was really great and it was interesting how they focused on the Holy Ghost. I believe that if we are ever priviledged to have more scripture it will talk much more about the holy ghost because we dont have much, but it happens to be what I have been studying for about two weeks now because Dad told me its what he studied in his mission, and I have learned more than I thought I would. It was kind of a confirmation that it was good to have studied that hahahah :) We had 3 investigators in church yesterday and all of Libertad came to the devotional last night in a van so we had a full house!

Tomorrow we are going to campeche again for a zone conference at 5 am so more travel... but its lots of fun honestly in ADO:)

My son and I are quite different but we are learning lots here. Our Lider misional helped us out yesterday because we did a practice lesson with him ( he is actually waiting for his mission call) and it was a good chance for Elder Nuñez to learn how to teach the Restoration:)

I love you all tons, and I hope you are all watching Christmas movies for me!!:)

Elder Jordan Saunooke

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