Sunday, April 30, 2017

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ 14 Months! ~ 1/9/17

Hi family!! This last week was a super fast week and it was packed full of fun stuff. One of the interesting lessons we had was with an investigator who had some concerns about why everything in the scriptures or in church organizations seemed to favor men instead of women, but it was a wonderful chance to teach her about the true value of women and share with her how men and women are equal and both play an essencial role in God´s Plan of Happiness:)

I had one of my proudest moments on Wednesday because I got a call from Bianca from Kanasin asking me about the time schedule of wards in Cancun. I at first thought she was going to move or something like that, but then she told me she was going on vacation but didnt want to miss church on Sunday even on vacation. I was so proud I think I could have cried hahah:)

We had stake conference on Sunday and I was trying to buy tickets to go to the area of our zone leaders on saturday night so we could go to the conference the next day, but I messed up and instead of buying tickets for 8 at night, I bought tickets for 8 in the morning...whooopss. We ended up going in the morning and we did divisions with Elder Hanke and Elder Rodriguez. Elder Rodriguez finished the mission this transfer and it was very interesting to be watching the last few days of another Elder. We had lots of fun and I honestly really loved their area. I went with Elder Hanke and I love his way of contacting. Its super direct and basically like hey do you wanna get baptized hahaha. 

I also had a super crazy experience because we went to visit a family that is a member family in their area and one of the girls in the family had been in Ciudad Juarez. I asked them if they knew Hermana Schroeder that was in the CCM with me and when I said her name, the youngest daughter came running out of her room and was like hey I was her trainer! What a small world!

We had a good stake conference and we went back to Escarcega with 4 of us in the back seat of the other branch presidents small car. He was starting to fall asleep while driving and so we started shouting and singing hymns which we did for about 30 minutes straight! We got our transfers last night and.... I am no longer training in Escarcega. I am a zone leader in Tanlum. I am in a super nice area in Merida and I am honestly really excited to be here. My companion is actually one of the elders who got here in the mission field with me and his name is Elder Zurita. I am definitely going to learn lots this change but I am really excited! 

Love you all tons and hope you have a great week!!

Elder Jordan Saunooke

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