Sunday, July 2, 2017

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ 5/8/17 ~ 18 Months in the Mission!

Well this marks almost the end of this transfer.... and 18 months in the mission. On Tuesday we had interviews with President Ruiz, and we were going to have our meeting with him and the stake president but it got canceled and we were able to find some new investigators.

 On Wednesday we had a Zone conference and we talked about the new goal that we have as a mission to baptize 25 every week and how we are going to be able to meet that goal. We also went to help the sisters of Francisco de Montejo because one of the sisters who is around 75 years old was sick and we went from farmacy to farmacy looking for her prescription and somehow I ended up in the back of the small volkswagen bug of the mission leader of Terranova without ac and I am almost sure that if Dad had been there he would have died because I was feeling super claustrophobic. We had a lesson that night with a sister we contacted the week before and her 8 year old son was there in the lesson with us and this kid is pilas. He understood perfectly the Restoration and when we were putting an appointment to come visit again he wanted us to come back as soon as possible and go to church but the sister in law of his mom showed up and his mom became a little more cold and wasnt as receptive. We then went and saw another contact named Alberto and as soon as we showed up, he invited us into his house and.... put the air conditioning on! That has happened to me only with Bianca and him. He was very receptive as well and is wanting to invite his whole family to listen to us the next time we visit him.

 On Thursday I hit 18 months in the mission and even nature celebrated. We were in a lesson teaching Margarita and there was a huge wind storm that came through and uprooted trees and all the yucatecos were super scared hahaha.

On Saturday we had a great meeting at night with our ward mission leader Rommel who is honestly one of my best friends I have met in the mission. He told us that he really wants to work with us this week and apologized for not having helped out as much as he used to, and told us he really hopes we dont get changed. I am gonna miss that guy! 

Sunday we did an area attack in Francisco de Montejo to help them out and my companion and I did splits with two jovenes of the ward. It was a really great activity and I hope that it will help us to meet the goal of 25 baptisms a week as a mission. 

This morning we had the first zone activity I have had since May of last year and we played musical chairs and had a type of pot luck breakfast. 

I love you all tons and I cant wait to see you guys this Sunday!!!

Elder Jordan Saunooke

YES!! That's a "FLYING SQUIRREL!" :)

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