Sunday, July 2, 2017

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ 6/19/17 ~ Full of Divisiones...

This week was a week full of divisiones. I like divisiones but they are kind of tiring sometimes and it makes it hard to plan, but it helps us to have new investigators in the area. We did divisiones with the Elderes of Pinos and it was lots of fun because they are both really new in the mission so they have lots of energy and still arent accustomed to everything.  

On thursday we had our interviews with presidente Ruiz, and he practically told me that im going to have transfers this week. He asked me how much time i had in the area and when i told him 6 months, he said well i think its time then unless you really feel differently about it.... so we will see what happens this week:) He also asked me how much time I have in the mission and when i told him 19 months he said wow its the last sprint then:)

On Friday we had our 8 principles meeting and it was really cool because for the first time in like 4 tranfers my companion and I didnt have to prepare anything! We just showed up and had fun teaching:) We then went and did divisiones with the assistents afterwards and I went with Elder Mordasini. He only has a year and its his second transfer as assistent! 

On Saturday we ate lunch with Olaf, Dulce, and their two sons. They are one of our best investigator families and we made sushi with them and it was so fun! It was really good and was a great mission experience:)

Last night we ate dinner with Rommel and I am really gonna miss him and his wife Brenda! I am so grateful for the people that i have met and I know I will always treasure these memories.

Love you guys tons

Elder Jordan Saunooke

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