Sunday, July 2, 2017

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ 6/12/17 ~ Global Warming is Real

Hi family!!! I think I can officially say that my eyebrows are three different colors from so much sun here!! This week was a good, but challenging week. The biggest struggle in the mission is finding new investigators and now that we have contacted the better part of our area sometimes its difficult to find new investigators but somehow we always do:) 

On Thursday I had to teach an english class and its honestly really hard to teach a language. One of the investigators of the sisters of our zona is some sort of metafisica psychologist that is pretty cocky but knows a lot of english and kept wanting to say weird sentencies like ¨before being born we were entities of light¨ and i was like uhuhh yeah sure:P  we also ate tacos afterwards in some taco stand of a member that lives close by, and I tried tacos de cabeza.. not my favorite but not bad either.

On Friday we had a lesson at night with a partial family who the husband is a chef, and a member of like 15 years who has been inactive, and his wife is catholic but very receptive. They want to one day get married in the temple and we are working with them but they dont show up to sacrament meeting:( We showed up to teach them but we had to go to the mother in laws house because it was her birthday and they were over there. When they invited us in we realized that if it hadnt been for the fact that we know them we never would be able to get into a house like that. It had a library and a bunch of catholic statues. Rich and catholic usually dont let us in but this was the exception hahhaa:P

I hope you guys are doing great and I love you tons! Happy Father´s Day Dad love you tons and Ill be there to celebrate our birthday!

Elder Jordan Saunooke

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