Sunday, July 2, 2017

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ 6/5/17 ~ 19 Months!

This week seems to have passed by super fast also, and I honestly have a hard time remembering all the stuff that happens now hahhaa. We have had success this week working with a family in the Terranova area that came to a cake activity that we did with the ward where the investigators judged the cakes, and then they showed up to sacrament meeting and also a stake choir event! We had a lidership meeting this friday and we were super tired because it started at 9 and ended at like 3 in the afternoon and we just barely had time to go eat in our area and then go to do some baptismal interviews in Pinos. The family that was going to get baptized was going to be baptized by the dad who just got baptized a few weeks ago, and the dad was sick and so they wanted to postpone the baptism. I didnt really want that to happen because I know that Satan works really hard to make situations happen so that people dont get baptized, so we invited them to say a prayer with us and ask Heavenly Father if they should get baptized. We prayed and waited a few minutes and talked with them, and they all strongly felt that they should stick with the baptismal date. It was a very rewarding experience. 

Last night we had a misionary activity at a stake level and we had around 15 investigators that came!! It was a great activity and I hope we can keep working this change to make some miracles happen.

Love you all tons,
Elder Jordan Saunooke

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