Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Elder Jordan Saunooke's Email 3/14/16 - Last week of Transfers!

In the morning on wednesday we went to teach a less active who was baptized about three years ago and is like 21 or 22. He was waiting for his mom to get back so that he could go and buy something to smoke week hahaha. My comp didnt understand what he meant by una chaba and neither did I but i used context clues lets just say;) He actually showed us the marijuana he is growing in front of his house in a styrophoam container hahah. When we told him that marijuana is bad for the body and mind he responded, "No es excelente!" and I cant lie I definitely laughed. He told us he feels like life is more tranquilo and chido con la mota, but I showed him the scripture found in 2 Nefi 2:27which shows us how true liberty lies in keeping the commandments. He seemed to understand better that way. He brought his really old waterstained book of mormon out and an old tithing slip fell on the floor. I asked him if he knew what it was and he replied,"No y la verdad no me interesa" hahahaha i once again laughed. 
We taught an Hermana named Valente and he is awesome!!! He is probably mid to late 20s and lives with his wife and 3 kids. He understands Mayan perfectly but is also of our generation so he speaks spanish. He said the closing prayer in straight maya.
Friday in Tzucacab I found out that hma Adela has 2 hijos in the field! i never knew that before but she was bragging about them and said "son guapisimos!" hahahha she said that probably every mom is like that. We also happened to meet a straight Gringo from Cali. He is down here on vacation for his bday cuz he is Irish and his bday is the 17th of this month. It was cool to see that life is still normal for where i come from even if my life is completely different and it was honestly way hard to have a conversation and I forgot how to ask someone their name....He was driving with his friend who lives in Tzucacab but used to work with him in california so he speaks both languages, but it was really a cool opportunity. This whole week has been pretty great actually. My comp has improved a lot and we can get along now. We have transfers the next week so we will see what happens, but quien sabe? 
Saturday we got drenched. Im talking like flume ride drenched. We had to come back to the house and change clothes, we were so soaked. We went to eat at the hermana Yupit`s house and she has 2 hijas in the mission and she always worries about them. She was talking about how she misses them, and i showed them the photo I have of you and I mom in the back of my libro de Mormòn. I told her I was sure they prayed for her everyday because that is what I do. Her husband is one of my fav people because he always sleeps through everything even though he is a councilor and when you ask him a question he responds with this high look on his face, "bashkawa?" which is like what? HAHAH it is hilarious
We woke up at 5:30 am on sunday because its what we always do to go to Tzucacab for members but no one is ever there so it just makes me more tired. We had an RM who served in Perù in la casa de oracion and he lives in another pueblo named Texax. It was really cool to have someone like that with us. Roberto was in sacrament meeting again and he has a fecha for this saturday... idk if he is completely ready though. We ate with the Canul family and they have a son in the mission even if they arent members. We have to switch houses because presidente cab told us that his bro is sometimes in our property area and drinks and is problematic sometimes but Hno Clemente has a really awesome house that we went to go see and it is in el centro! Lots less walking. Being the son of my parents I absolutely loved looking at houses hahah;) 
We taught Roberto and like 5 mins into the lesson someone rode past selling corn and he went up and bought corn. He bought corn for us too even though we told him it was the sabbath day. He speaks a lil english and was like "dont worry about it, its ok" and then said "no pasa nada" his favorite phrase hahah I love him. He told us that God knows he needs to eat and that his sabbath day ends with the sun hahhah I remember Bro Mauià saying that once;) I asked to take a pic in front of his american flag and he was like " ok so remember how I used to have porn posters....well..." Yes I know Roberto and thats part of the reason I asked. 
We are going to wake up at 3:30 tomorrow like always on tuesday, and head for ticul. This weeek we are gonna be in merida casi toda la semana because we have our 8 principios meeting and I am stoked. I love you all and cant wait to talk to you on Mother`s Day!
Elder Jordan Saunooke

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