Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ 3/21/16 Email & Pics

Tuesday we had our district meeting in Ticul and after we stayed with Elder Gomez y Elder Quinto en su area because I had to interview one of their investigators for baptism. This investigator happens to be Julio who I taught about two weeks ago la trinidad about 50 times in english, spanish, and mayan, but poor guy just doesnt get it....but he does have a broken heart and contrite spirit so he is ready:) he also doesnt understand completely what a prophet is... he told me im a prophet... thanks;) Elder Bahr who was our AP got changed and is now my zone leader!! De hecho vamos a tener divisiones esta noche con èl y estoy bien animado :))) He is always so happy and I just love to be around him! He reminds me of Warren actually:) The bad thing about this change is that Elder Gutierrez who was my ZL is now the AP and he didnt have a chance to put the song im trying to be like jesus on my usb... i had divisiones with elder Quinto and it was so fun!! i really love my district. I drove a tricy taxi because one of the members in Oxz has one and his name is Jose Tigre and so of course there are tiger prints all over his taxi. i bought an ipod for 59 pesos aka like 4 bucks and so i will defs be putting some really good hymns on there. 
We woke up at 4 that morning to go to Mèrida for an 8 principles meeting and it was amazing. i learned so much. I got to teach with one of the APs Elder Mariscal who is fluent in English too because he grew up for like 4 years in Colorado and he taught me so much. He really teaches with power and without fear. I would love to master the language so I can teach like that. We stayed that night in Altabrisas aka the nicest place in the mission and there were 6 other elders with us. i was with Elder Moreno in one room that on the door has the picture of Christ knocking at the door and Elder Ocampo kept knocking and quoting the I stand at the door and knock quote hahaha;) 
We had one practice where I was in the demonstration in front of everyone and its crazy to be put on the spot like that hahaahh.... but I think it went well. It was about sabbath day observance and I wanted to be so difficult because thats how it is here in my area but I was nice;) Everyone works in la milpa here and so usually they cant come to our casa de oracion... But i really do love my members. Roberto had a baptism date pero se cayo esta semana because he drinks... we are gonna help him if it is the last thing I do. He always goes to church with us even ift its in his weed shirt....
We had a practice where elder Lambert and I taught a sister from Brasil Hna Silva who speaks fluent english and had a practice in english!! She learned from video games hahah... who knew. She pretended to have a problem going to church and then working after and said she had a 6 month contract that she had to work after church but the whole thing was a big joke because she was pretending to be a sister missionaryXDD How hilarious was that!?
La Hna Garcìa bought me an air mattress and yes that is so much better for my back... We had transfers but everything is the same except for one hna in my district that went to Campeche.
Love you all!
Elder jordan Saunooke

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