Wednesday, May 11, 2016

But I dont wanna marry a Yucateca:( ~ Elder Jordan Saunooke's Email 4/18/16

Ok this week has been great and not so great... Wednesday we had our entrevistas with pres Garcia and it was so powerful!! He had this revelation for our area mid interview and said that if the members dont keep the sabbath day holy, it will not rain, nothing will grow this year, and that they will continue poor for all their lives. It was very powerful but he also shared a scripture in exodo that talks about how the lord provided mana in double quantity to ensure that the saints could keep the sabbath day holy and how there is always a way. Hna Garcia bought us all these slurpèe like drinks and yes of course i chose piña colada... she is so funny because she was saying it was so hot and I honestly didnt even notice because we were inside the ac hahaha she is definitely used to Merida. I also may or may not have heard a 21 pilots song as someone drove past this week.. something I never thought would happen in Peto, Yucatan.

Friday we visited this less active sister who has so much faith. Hna Vila. She said right away that she wants to go to the temple and attend church but she needs someone to help her so she doesnt fall. And just like that she went to church this week for the first time in years thanks to the help of Hna Adela. Speaking of Hna Adela we ate with her on friday and I guess she and her boyfriend had just seen a vampire movie cuz the whole time they were telling us to eat and eat in a Dracula voice hahah she is hysterical. When we ask her if there is anything special she would like us to pray for she says stuff like, That God takes away this white hairs im getting,  she is definitely one of my favorite people. 

Saturday my throat infection came back and so we went to Merida. It was so funny because practically from the moment we got there we saw members and everyone was like hey elders! There was some sort of event at the temple and there must have been 200 people there outside. It was very cool to walk past and made me feel very proud to be a member of this church. I went to Star Medica  and I now have some strong throat stuff that is helping and a muscle relaxer for my back.  We traveled back standing almost the entire time, but we contacted this guy and his girlfriend who are going to do a support program for childer in Oxz. The girl is from New york and so for the first time.... I taught the Book of Mormon in english... wow that was weird. We got home and our branch pres Pres Cab and his family were waiting for us and they had food. They had made stuff up and came to see how I was feeling.. I love them!! 

And as for the title of this email... yesterday we rested a bit in the afternoon cuz i was still feeling pretty weak and for the first time I thought.. hmmm maybe I will rest in my hammock. So for about thirty minutes i was laying down and I have no idea how it happened but the hammock slipped off the hook and I fell HARD.  And so according to missionary tradition I have to get married to a yucateca.... yeah dont think so.;) Anyway I love you all and hope everyone is having the time of their lives:)
Elder Jordan Saunooke

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