Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Elder Jordan Saunooke 5/2/16

Ok so this week we had divisiones and I was with Elder Quinto!! It was really fun to be with someone who speaks both languages fluently. He is such a great guy and we had so much fun and yes we taught 64 lessons this week. Me cuesta... tengo CAAANNNsancio hermano en las palabras de Jose Rivero Cab. Some funny experiences were contacting literally a straight catholic street... door after door... one old guy walked to the window told us he couldnt listen to us because he cant walk, and then walked back to his chair. That made me laugh a lot honestly. We taught a family Tuesday night with two daughters age 15 and 11 and they were both so interested in the easter videos. Their dad is beyo locoi or half crazy in mayan and started talking and they were like shut up we want to watch!! They even fought over who got to read the yoke of christ scripture. 
In the house we had a bomb sleeping situation. It is so hot so we opened the windows and ghetto rigged the two fans in the window to bring in cold air. And Elder Quinto tiene un buen de canciones y si disfrutamos mucho:)) Too bad my comp doesnt like sleeping with the windows open because he doesnt want anyone to see into the house.... 
Ok so on tuesday we went and visted the Cab family and they fed us afterward and it was so good! I love them! We walked on the way to Clementes house and it was so hot so we decided to buy this pineapple juice from a barrel that is sold in plastic baggies. It was so nice and cold and the guy swore it wasnt alcohol...long story short... yes i drank alcohol in the mission. Should have known just by the fact that it started out tasting weird and at the end it was great hahhaha!
We taught a lesson to two recient converts and they asked us that if we shouldnt work on the sabbath day why as missioneries we still preach... im wondering the same thing hahah but it was a powerful way to point out the difference in working for personal gain and for the salvation of others.
I have loved reading the Continous Atonement this week. Literally every day I have had someone ask me a question about what I read in the morning from that book. With our branch president we taught his cousin and he was asking about Christ and the wine at the wedding. It was so cool to have just read that really what that demonstrates to all is that christ has all the rights and power to CHANGE. 
I have also loved teaching using the story of living up to your potential which is the Pres Uchtdorf talk and how when people choose not to read their scriptures they are choosing to eat cheese in their bedroom instead of join the already paid for parties and festivities on board. It seems to really connect with the people. 
We finally had our shower and toilet fixed this morning! We also had concrete barriers put at the bottom of the doors so we dont have problems with rats and yes I definitely wrote my name in the concrete.
We had transfers and it looks like im at least gonna be in el fuego purificador por 4.5 meses with my same comp so there must be a reason im here. I actually took a pic in the ccm pointing to the mission and im pointing to Peto in the picture....
love you all!!!

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