Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ Email 3/28/16

Ok so pday always goes by so fast compared to every other day and I am pretty sure I sweat harder and work more. The whole walk 3 miles for groceries life is a lil hard sometimes not gonna lie.... I am rocking the Yucateco haircut which is basically the soccer kid haircut. Or in other words short on the sides and long on top. The last pday we went to Ticul and the next day we had divisiones with the zone leaders. Elder Bahr cooked us some delicious banana pancakes and I had syrup, pancakes, and...a HOT SHOWER!!! My first one since I arrived in Yucatan! The next day I was with Elder Ceballos (Ceballitos) and we worked on using La Pascua initiative. There are two videos we are working on using this week and I think it is a really good idea to use videos with the people in my mission. I think the majority of them learn visually. We taught a young women investigator and we just happened to run into a member who was driving her motorcycle. We asked her if she could accompany us and what do you know.. instant yes. Maaarrreee la obra esta diferente en Ticul. He taught me so much and we talked about the reason why we obey commandments. The reason is always because we love God and when we obey like this we are our own agents and have every promise and blessing that God has in store for us.
 I have been suffering slight insomnia this last month and can honestly say I havent slept past 5 since the first of February... so I am now taking sleeping pills but I just started last night so We will see what happens.
Wednesday we taught Manuel Diaz again (weed is awesome guy) and he is such an interesting character.... he just says the weirdest stuff hahah I think the drugs have already affected his brain a bit... but he felt the spirit really strong in the hymn we sung and asked if we could sing it again. He understands and feels the spirit and it is so cool to see when he gets it. I also may or may not have contacted in Mayan that day... #Itswhatever
We traveled to Mèrida the next day for an easter conference and it was honestly kind of a planch... We got told how we need to focus serving with the scripture found in D y C 4 in mind. Presidente Garcìa is so awesome and always teaches with such power. We contacted the driver of the van who brought us to Merida and he works for Hno. Canul who feeds us on Sundays. He has a dreamcatcher in front of the van and I learned that in Spanish its called Atrapasueños...makes sense. 
The next day we taught an Hno. Jose Rivero Cab who lives like two doors down from us and he is really good friends with an elder who served here before. He is still reading the BOM and we taught him with the videos and the yolk of Christ laminate that we have. He still remembered one of the songs (We are all enlisted) and wanted to sing it with us. His younger brother who was the kid holding the fighting rooster in last weeks pic is 17 years old and size and personality is a lot like Jake Kozlowski actually.. except for the fact he was drinking and offered me a swig... hahaha but he is a really good kid and I always like talking with him.
Easter was good but honestly most days all feel the same so I didnt realize it was Easter sunday until today... whoops. We went to Ticul for a district conference with Presidente Garcìa and we were the only companionship without any support from their area... so I spoke on behalf of our Branch President... honestly I dont know what I am doing but hey I try hahaah... Ihave loved reading the 2 chapter of Ether this week especially the last three verses. I love you all and invite you to read them. I hope you had a wonderful Easter!!! 
Elder Jordan Saunooke

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