Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Random Snipits Worth Mentioning ~ Elder Jordan Saunooke

YEah my back is killing so I have a regular backpack now and I really am the Count of Monte Cristo because I bought a blanket and sleep on the tiled floor... but Hna Garc├Ča bought me an air mattress:)) and also Alma 40-42 is probably the most perfect thing ever written

 i have loved studying moses and alma 40-42 this week.. they are powerful.

I miss the days of no shirt... its so stinking hot haha.. 

Who is ready to watch my fair lady in tminus 20 months?;) 

i am so buying a bike and you cant say anything to change my mind;))) crotch rocket baby;) everyone has them!!! 

I decided this week that Elder Gomez is sherlock holmes.... he remembered the name of a person and their house that he visited one day 17 months ago to go visit... and he realized that a guy smoked because he shook his hand and saw his fingertips... yeah crazy.

whos debbie?;)) 

ps temecula sounds like a pueblo in my area or soemthing hahahh;)

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