Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Elder Saunooke's Email 3/7/16 ~ Used to Like Rollercoasters!

Ok so this week was a rollercoaster week full of ups and downs. I know that lots of it has to do with differences between my companion and I. Our relationship is improving but we are so very different hahaha... I like to joke and have fun and well.... yeah... 
We had like three days of practically pure walking, we are talking probably 16 miles in two of these days. Wednesday marked a year exactly since Papa died and I have been studying Alma 40-42 a lot. Interestingly enough, the year mark day, we went with an Hermano in our branch se llama Hermano Clemente. He is 77 and walks with a shuffle haha:) We walked everywhere that day and every appointment fell through, and i felt so bad that he was walking all this way with us. I took him into a store and told him whatever he wanted i would buy him. He chose a yogurt drink and I honestly loved being with him. While my comp was walking ahead i stayed behind and just asked him stories about his life. i couldnt help but remember countless times with Papa talking about life on the Reservation, football, and life in general. I missed him very much that day, and it wasnt until later that night that I realized what day it was.
Friday we taught a family of gold in the morning. They have an 11 year old boy that is a straight stud named Alex. We taught them how to pray and he was so excited and trying so hard to make sure he did it right. We also taught a sister who has lots of health problems... She sat in her hammock the whole time and talked about how her faith would one day allow her to walk again. She actually started to pee in the hammock right down on the floor and I realized how blessed my life is. Even though I have a bad attitude more than I should, and definitely dont want to walk 10 miles a day, how blessed I am that I can. 
We had an experience later that day with an hermano that we attempted to teach in our other area Tzucacab. he was laying in a chair in front of his house, and told us he would rather sleep. I asked him if we could sing for him, and he kind of blew up on me and told me that in the bible it clearly states that we shouldnt praise God in the streets... some people test me hahaha, but I have mastered the Michael Westen fake smile;) 
We also had our first real experience with someone that genuinely hates us. We have an investigator who always works in a hardware store on Sunday and so we thought we would go and visit her boss. We went to see him, and he welcomed us with open arms and was straight awesome. His daughter was there too and is probably about 23 or so and we sang Families can Be Together Forever. His wife was sleeping but when she heard us, she stormed out of her bedroom to tell her family how we only want to change her religion and went upstairs and slammed the door. And so went that lesson....
Sunday we had probably 20 people mas o menos en la casa de oraciĆ²n. It was not a lot, and we teach the youth. It is so weird to be a youth teacher because sometimes i honestly feel like I am still a youth hahah but it goes to show how fast life is.
Love you all tons,
Elder Saunooke

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