Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Short & Sweet ~ Elder Jordan Saunooke's Email 4/11/16

Ok so this is gonna be a quick one!! We had divisiones this week and I was with my padrastro aka Elder Gomez! It was so fun and he has 26 months in the mish so you could say i was learning just as much as the people we taught. We bought matching ties and taught Roberto about the priesthood and got him to understand that the priesthood is the authourity and power of God. 
We sang The star spangled banner as a song, and wow i kinda forgot at first;)) Hey I also lost the cell phone this week...que chafa.. yes that phrase just killed you inside brandon...;) The last day of divisiones Elder Gomez played the meanest prank with fake blood like he split his head... that guy... XD
Saturday we taught 9 lessons!! Yeah all on foot!!! i am sleeping better now and my throat problems have mosty gone away. We had a zone conference on Friday and man do I love those guys! We ate this fruit that the hnas of my district brought and it looks like pineapple but tastes disgusting....
Last night we taught a guy who is 22 named Jorge Rivero Cab and he was really good friends with one of the missionaries who served here almost 2 years ago...  He kept asking who insulted us and said he was going to go beat them up hahahhaa he was drunk. After he asked like the sixth time I pointed to my comp and said este varon... aka this guy and he didnt understand it was a joke at first. The work is seeming to turn here and I really do love my branch and our investigators! Love you all!!!

Ummmm.... FRUIT!

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