Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Elder Jordan Saunooke's Email 4/4/16

Well this Tuesday we met a drunk guy named Roberto that was honestly pretty racist and Hostile... he asked us to return to visit him the next day and I really didnt want to but we did anyway. When we returned he was such a different person and was saying how he was going to stop drinking completely, be an example for his two young sons before it was too late, and was going to raise them to pray to God... wow that was a change. I accidentally stepped on his dog, and it bit me but luckily the teeth didnt puncture my skin.... 
We have new excellence goals as a mission and that means, 50 lessons a week. Wow that is a lot... I know it will be good though. I am actually most happy when we are teaching and when its just me and my comp is when i start to feel less than happy so that is a great goal to have. We taught manuel diaz but he was kinda fried and started smoking midlesson and said it was really hot. He then proceeded to climb on the roof and throw water off in buckets to cool everything down. His younger brother who is 18 was there too and joined us and I think that we have been teaching manuel all this time to be able to find his younger brother. He Was actually really interested and it was a powerful lesson about prayer and the godhead:)
Thursday we taught Roberto and his friend Jose and they love when we teach with videos... me too actually.. We showed them the video the lamb of god and the spirit was very strong as we watched how the savior personally suffered for the sins we commit. How the greatest injustice of the world happened to the only perfect man to ever live, all so that we can return to live with god and our families one day... 
The next about 6 lessons in and in Tzucacab I started feeling so lousy... we went to the doctor and turns out I have a throat infection and fever... time to rest I guess. The guy who rang us up at the health center happens to be a guy we contacted and he didnt charge us and told me to get better:) ·#blessed
We watched the conference in the casa de oracion and we were the only ones besides one member there. We put subtititles in english so that my brain wouldnt hurt so much. i can understand but after a while...... It gets to be a lil much. The talk I think was one of my favorites this conference was by Elder Renlund. He always is such a powerful speaker. it was so good to hear the conferences and its so funny to think they go by so fast as a missionary, because I remember them being so long when I was home.... I love pres Monson and I hope we get to have another conference with him...
Love you all and stay awesome
Elder Jordan Saunooke

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