Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Elder Jordan Saunooke's Email 4/25/16

Te Voy a Decir Una Cosa...

Monday we finally had a zone activity!! We played a little bit of volleyball, and the future relief society, that is to say the sisters cooked hamburgers afterwards for everyone!! I have bad news...I can no longer touch rim.... I thought that day would never come but I guess after having spent every drop of energy in my body, combined with back problems, and a few trips to the hospital....yeah I jump like a white boy. I went to buy ice after with Elder Wasden and Elder Flores and those are two of the funniest guys ever and definitely in the mission. Elder Flores was asking if my comp was always so serious and he was like you need to tell him to break the rules! Hahahaha I was laughing so hard, and then right after this small dog that he hadnt seen attacked him and he jumped about three feet in the air.
Tuesday Elder Aguilar and I contacted this lady who is about 25 years old who was sitting outside the house on her phone. She told us that a few weeks ago she had told the witnesses maybe another day, but she liked the way we talked. She asked me if I used to be a model, and then asked if as missioneries if we have to always be together.... umm that is a definite yes. 
Thursday we contacted this guy who works in a construction shop and is actually the owner. Turns out he had received lessons from Elder Ceballos and Elder Flores about a year ago... like everyone else we contact. "Un chaparrito y un grandote de la Republica Dominicana" as they all say. He was telling us that its good to experiment with drugs and the things of the world so we can learn and have experience and I couldnt help but think of many a conversation with Dad that so many people think that way and it is so sad!! We also taught Jose Rivero and his brother Gener and they are great. They are good friends with an Elder Bingham who served here like 2 years ago and they even used to play wii sports with him I think. They always love to talk to us, and the main problem with their fam is the word of wisdom. I swear everytime we talk with a drunk person they talk forever and say the phrase... te voy a decir una cosa... and hence comes the title of this email. Their cousin is always around drinks a lot and always tells us we are gonna eat in his house one day when he is sober. We were teaching Jose and Gener and they were asking us what we are gonna do after the mission. Jose answered his own question and pĆ³inting at me was like you are getting married, and Elder Aguilar started to say he was gonna get married too, and Jose interrupted and said no you are just gonna study i can already see it! I may or may not have busted up. They are both doing really well and Gener has officially committed to stop drinking and hasnt fallen yet!!
Friday we went to Oxz to do baptismal interviews and unfortunately for the hnas it fell through... The good news is that i found a lil restaurant nearby and the guy that is the chef made alfredo and used to work in the US! He asked me if I wanted garlic bread and i didnt hear what he said so he asked me in english... oh the white life. Or should I say half burnt to a crisp life. Its so hot here.... its about 105 and humid every day and there is no ac anywhere.... yeahhhhh. Anyway he cooked alfredo and i think my comp about died when he used white wine to cook... i explained to him that it all burns off but he wasnt convinced and chose to not eat.... but I did buy food for the hnas too and so it was a mini picnic. The elders also had an interview lined up and this guy is awesome. He has one foot that doesnt have bones and is all curled up like Harry Potter´s arm in the second movie when he has his bones removed. He is seriously straight gold and has such a strong testimony and desire to be baptized. it was a very neat experience to be able to share with him. 
Love you all and hope you have a great week!!

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