Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Elder Jordan Saunooke 5/9/16 ~ Another Week "Bites the Dust"

Ok so Tuesday we saw Manuel Diaz on his bike and we said hi to him as he went past but he just made this kinda sly smirk face and kept going. Twenty mins later he passes by again.... and does the exact same thing. So we decide to visit him the next day and he tells us that its because he thought he was driving a motorcycle... needless to say yes the word of wisdom is still a problem. 
Saturday night we had a branch activity and actually had about 15 people!! It was so awesome to see everyone come out and it was funny to hear mayan right next to me as we watched The Testaments which is basically what my mission still looks like 2000 years later. 
Sunday we only had about 12 people in la casa de oracion and they all left after second hour.. but yes I did get to talk with my mommy so that was great!! I loved seeing my family and how honestly they look about the same and Ansley is still not talking tons... yes that makes me happy. 
Something I have been thinking of this week is that really our baptismal covenant is what drives missionary service. Yes I have been set apart as a missionary but really its because I am baptized that I should do what I am doing.
I was reading in 3 Nefi this week and I decided to change some words in chapter 11 verse 11.
Y he aqui, soy un representante de la luz y la vida del mundo; y he bebido del convenio del bautismo, y he glorificado al Padre, tomando sobre mi el nombre de Cristo, con lo cual me he sometido a la voluntad del Padre en todas las cosas desde el principio. Ta poderoso eso;)
Ok well there are lots of things I could write but thats the mish... tons of new things every day:)
Love you guys!!

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