Monday, December 5, 2016

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ 11/21/16 ~ Baptism in Alligator Water!!

Y su compañero Elder??

Well this week was very tiring and full of travels but it was a good week:) We had to travel to campeche yet again for a zone conference and when we came back we came back with Elder Martinez who is my zone leader to do divisiones. We went to Libertad the next day and as we were traveling there we got a phone call from the assistents telling us that Elder Colin had special changes and so we headed back to Escarcega and packed his things up. We left at 5 the next morning on a bus bound for Merida and its like a 6 hour drive.

The good thing about being in Merida is that I got to buy Dairy Queen and it was so good. The Dzul Ek family or in other words Bianca´s family sent a package to the offices with socks, and a belt, and letters for my birthday which was really cool to see. 

My companion is Elder Quinto now officially and we are just one companionship managing four areas. Every person we see asks us, "and your companion elder?" ummm... he is right here next to me. No but like who is your companion? once again... right here next to me.... no but who is going to be your companion so you arent alone... oh my goodness what do you guys understand by the word companion hahahhahahhhaXD Seriously we must have heard that question around 100 times this week no joke and its really really funny. 

We baptized Elizabeth this week, and we went to a lake lagoon place to do it, and almost the entire branch of libertad pooled into the van we rented and we all went together. That was definitely alligator water but I told her that nothing would happen and that there was nothing in the water, but hahahaha it reminded me a lot of Florida. We were going to try to rent a restaurant that has like a coast part of the lagoon but when we went to ask I went with one of my Zone leaders Elder Hanke and I think they got excited to see two gringos because the told us 3000 pesos a la hora, and im thinking thats a no fly zone. We said thanks but no thanks. We found a cool little spot, and it was definitely one of my favorite mission experiences. I went to test the water first and it was deeper than it looked so i got the excuse to take a short swim hahahah:)) it was awesome:))

And yes I am 20. Honestly I think I could say I had a Jehovahs witness birthday because I didnt do anything lol. We had 3 sacrament services because we are helping out all the branches here,and Elder Lambert send me a happy birthday text, and Elder Lopez called me to say happy birthday, oh and a gay guy and a crazy girl from the ward here invited me to eat cheeseburgers last night but hahhaha that is about the extent of what we did:) It was kind of cool though because we got to help confirm Elizabeth as a member of the church yesterday and hear her testimony and gratitude for the Gospel in her life. 

Oh and we also took advantage of the black friday or good weekend here and bought some new shoes and ties to have our companionship Domingazo;)

Love you all, and have a great week!
Elder Jordan Saunooke

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