Monday, December 5, 2016

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ HAPPY HALLOWEEN! ~ 10/31/16

Hi family!!!! This has really been a great week. I am really starting to love what we do. We worked really hard this week but not in a way that like kills you, but in a way that helps you to teach and preach and work as missionaries do. We actually hit over our goal of 50 lessons this week and it payed off. We had 6 investigators in the church and it is really wonderful to see how people progress. 

In our little pueblo we work in of Libertad we have a recently returned missionary who is helping us out a ton and we are really seeing the benefits of working with members. In particular we have a 20 year old guy named Fernando that is from Cancun that we teach that is the funniest guy I have met in the mission. He speaks fluent english and sometimes he accidentally says words in english. He lived in the US for almost his whole life and so he speaks english really well but he lived in Chicago so its like a ghetto english hahah. He told us that he loved being in church and he has never been excited and waiting all week to go there. He said he felt this warm feeling all over and it was like a buzz but better and he hadnt felt that way since he stopped doing drugs and he couldnt wait to feel that way again. He has a lot of funny questions but they come from a sincere desire to learn and he accepts them and loves to improve. The question of the week was our stand on gays. He asked us because he was surprised that we allow one of the youth who is definitely gay, be there in the service. He was like you guys are the greatest church ever you accept everyone. And as fate would have it.... that beforementioned youth spoke on Sunday haha:)

We have an 8 principles meeting in Campeche next week and so I have to present one of the principles which is Revelation through Prayer. Elder Piper is coming the first week of December and so that is another cool meeting that we will be having.

I cant believe that I am coming up this week on my year mark. I have felt this huge desire to study and learn all i can lately and its like unquenchable so i invite everyone to really read their scriptures and get to know them. Its amazing how much they can teach us.

And what has been on mind to share with you family this week are two quotes... first.. come what may and love it. The second... let us oft speak kind words to each other. Food for thought:) 

Love you more than you guys can imagine!!!!:))))) 
Ansley love you tons and I am waiting for you to learn how to email so i can talk with my lil baby genius of a sister;)
Elder Jordan Saunooke

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