Monday, December 5, 2016

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ Conference Week AND 11 MONTHS!! ~ 10/3/16

This has truly been a great week! My companion and I have been working hard to be more diligent in talking with everyone and we have seen a difference. It really requires you to step out of your comfort zone but it has tangible benefits. 

One of the coolest experiences we had this week was teaching Ernesto, who is the nextdoor neighboor of Bianca. He is 22 years old, and loves the Book of Mormon. After only one visit, he read all of First Nephi, and he was telling us how he didnt understand how Laman and Lemuel were so stubborn! He was like, how are you complaining you guys have seen an angel, why dont you listen to your dad and your brother. It was by far one of my favorite mission experiences.

This week we got to eat Burger King with Yazumi, and the next day chinese food with Nahomi and her family. That was a really good stroke of conference weekend luck!

We watched conference in english and in air conditioning and believe it or not... I was really cold. I think we had the air at like 73 and that felt really good but I definitely felt cold. We had four investigators in the church and they want to get baptized so we are seeing the results of our hard work here. It is weird to think that we only have two more weeks in this transfer, so we will see if I am here to see the baptisms happen:)

I loved the repitition of conference. I know that many of the thoughts that were shared were similar because that is what the church needs at this time. I invite you guys to study the talks again and pay attention to the promptings you receive. 

I miss you guys a ton, and I know that things are hard right now as a family. I know that the Lord will bless us as we faithfully strive to trust in him. I pray for you guys every day and I think the world of you.

Elder Jordan Saunooke

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