Monday, December 5, 2016

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ The World's Hottest October! ~ 10/10/16

Hey Family!!
This week was a really fast one. One of the blessings that we were able to see this week came as a result of fasting. We were finally able to find and talk again with our investigator Pepe after a month of not seeing him. He has been passing through some hard challenges lately but we went to see him at his house and he couldnt attend us at the moment, but then he called us like 15 mins later and said we could meet at the chapel. We went over the plan of salvation and he is almost intimidating to teach because he is so smart. I told him that we had been fasting for him, and he perked right up and talked up how amazing it is that the bible taught us to fast, long before we knew its health benefits. He told us that his record for fasting is a week.... ummm wow. He said and I quote, ¨Day three you are scratching at the walls, but day 4 you have a perfect clarity of mind and you no longer have hunger.¨ That was a very impressive statement, especially after he explained the science of it all. Very intelligent guy and really wants to learn and progress. 

We have a family of kids that we are teaching... and it keeps growing. We went to visit this group of kids that we are teaching and this time another 10 year old was there and loves it. He is super smart and speaks at the speed of light. He was explaining something about minecraft and my comp jokingly said he didnt understand because we dont know Mayan ¨mission joke¨, and he was like thats fine ill say the word in English. He then proceeded to translate the word ghost and I bust up laughing.. I like smart kids. We put a baptismal date with his cousin for this Saturday so we should have a baptism this week.

This week we also had a very funny lesson with a former Jehova´s witness because when we explained that Jehova is Jesus Christ she started saying oh my gosh thats right, I never had understood that part. 

All is going well here. This is the last week of transfers so we will see if the next pday im in my same area. I have loved being in my area and I am proud to be part Kanasinero;) It is still ridiculously hot all the time, but we happened to find a barber shop with air conditioning today and that was my first hair cut with air conditioning since I left home! I definitely prefer short hair in this climate. 

Love you all!
Elder Jordan Saunooke

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