Monday, December 5, 2016

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ Pre-Conference Week ~ 9/26/16

This week we had a multizone conference and it was a good but different experience. We now have the rule of not eating sugary cereal, or saying the word like in my mission... ok:P The magic number to be able to baptize every week is 18 new investigators every week, and we should be contacting at least 10 people a day. That means we have lots of work before us but I know that having high goals helps us to progress and to be able to accomplish what we want to in the mission field.
This week was difficult in lots of ways and really good in lots of ways. As much as us missionaries look forward to hearing from our families, and talking with them, I can honestly say seeing your dad`s phone number on the screen unexpectedly is not something one looks forward to. Its kinda one of those phone call at 3 in the morning feelings. It was a very scary thing to hear that your baby sister has cancer. It is not something I would wish on anyone.  In spite of that I have felt peace this week, and I really feel like everything will ok. This was a very neat fasting experience because to be honest I generally dont like fasting in the mission, because its always so hot and we walk a lot and its very hard to run on empty, but this time I was happy to do it, and didnt even notice:) I cant wait to see some of this fasting power in action;) C`mon Ansley kick its butt!
Sunday we got to church a little later than we usually show up, but we happened to get there right as one of the ward missionaries Naomi showed up with not only our investigator of 12 years, but also his two younger cousins. It was such a cool feeling to see a family of kids come to church. They were nervous but had such a good time that they asked us to come visit the house in the afternoon. We ate lunch with Paco and somehow he aquired chex mix and i ate almost the entire bowl it was so good to eat those again.
 We went and visited the kids after and they were all fighting for who could get baptized first. It is a family of some members and some non members that we have been working with since i got to Kanasin. When it was time to go they didnt want me to love, and were asking at first for two more minutes, then till they died, then till the earth ended. It ended up being a tug of war between them and my companion and I was the rope. We had to trick them and then run to get away hahah so that we could make it to the appointment we had afterwards. The appointment we had afterwards was a wonderful family that just recently moved from another ward and are new here. They are originally from Mexico (here that means like distrito federal) and are really a cool group. And they have air conditioning in their house which was like a first for me...:D
I hope everyone is doing well, and preparing for the conference this weekend. I know for sure that I have some questions that I want answers to and so I will be applying the advice of our savior Jesus Christ that is found in 3 Nephi verses 2 and 3. The prophet and apostles are most definitely doing all they can to prepare to receive revelation to give us this week, but the hearer of the word has the same duty as the one who preaches it, to prepare spiritually to be able to receive it. I love you all and although I am very far away from you, my heart is with you guys:)
All my love,
Elder Jordan Saunooke

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