Monday, December 5, 2016

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ Independence Day Week ~ 9/12/16

Ok well so the last time we spoke, I was suffering from what I was sure was dengue... it wasnt but it still was a terrible first few days of the week. 
The highlight of my week was definitely yesterday at church, when two of my favorite less active members showed up. I have visited them since I got here, and have tried so hard, so imagine my joy when we passed by their house in the morning and they were actually dressed in white shirt and tie, and dress, and ready to go to church. They sat next to me in gospel principles and the brother Mitchell was like, hey guess what... we have already finished this whole book.. twice. He is hilarious hahahaha.
As we were going to Paco`s house yesterday he starts singing the song Rock of ages, which in spanish is Roca de Eternidad, but he started singing... Ropa de Maternidad.... i love that guy.
There is not really a lot to report on this week, but yesterday we helped some ward members that are in highschool with some homework, and I am so glad to not be in school hahaha and definitely forgot everything.
I really love being here, and time is sure flying by. I really hope to be able to accomplish what our Heavenly Father wants me to do. I have felt a little frustrated that I do not speak fluently yet with almost a year in the mission, but I do understand a lot.... and its a blessing to be able to learn more every day. If you wonder what kind of music we hear besides hymns, it would be the song Ay vamos which is always playing everywhere...hope you guys have a great week!
With love,
El Chel de Kanasin,
Elder Jordan Saunooke

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