Monday, December 5, 2016

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ Hot & Cold ~ 10 months! 9/5/2016

Ok so you may be wondering why this title reminds you of a very familiar song by Katy Perry... its because thats how my body has felt the last two days. Super infernal heat, followed by a cold that rests in your bones.... with an eye pain, headache, knee pain, stomach pain, back pain, and just about pain in general. Im not exactly sure if its a regular cold, dengue, or if it has to do with a service project we did this week. We have a less active member that has an addiction to huffing glue.  We put an appointment to clean his house and we got there but he only likes to do stuff if we are with one of the members of our ward (Yazumi the one who made us pancakes). So we tricked him and told him she was coming and faked a phone call... poor guy but it is for his own good. So anyway I ended up huffing his house fumes for like an hour while we took out like 150 bottles of glue that were hidden everywhere..... and ever since then ive been sick:/
On a good note, I just read my results and I dont have dengue... it sure feels like it though. 
So cool stories of the week... we had transfers today and i will once again be staying in Kanasin:) I am very happy about that because we have a new investigator named Pepe that is one of the coolest guys I have ever met. It would not surprise me if he became a stake president one day. He contacted us while driving his car... in english. That is right he speaks fluent english. He even says phrases like yada yada yada and game changer.... so for the first time in my mission life I am teaching someone in my native tongue. He walked past our church and was curious and did an online questionaire to have the missionaries come to his house but it never came. And what is even crazier is that when he found us he was supposed to have been in salt lake city working. Wow miracles for the win. He also has a 3 year daughter named Sophie that he takes care of like the best father you have ever seen. She speaks fluent english as well because he has never spoken to her in spanish.... ever. The type of professor that popped the knuckles on one of his hands every day of his life, and the other hand never popped just to prove it doesnt cause arthritis... he is that type of guy.
We also saw something very strange this week... someone left a dead rooster, and pidgeon in a bag painted red as some sort of witchcraft thing in front of the chapel.... that was strange.
Anyway I love you all!
Elder Saunooke

THIS KID HATES SPIDERS! I'm so glad he didn't burn his house down trying to kill it! ;)

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