Monday, August 22, 2016

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ 5/18/16

Hey Mom!!! Wow 6 and a half months!! Well this week we had the blessing of going to the temple! The temple is about 4 hours from our area and to not wake up at 1:30 we decided to do divisiones with the elderes of Ticul Centro.  We had our district/zone meetiing the next day and I lead some of the practices and I have to say I was pretty proud of myself. I based it off of an experience that I had earlier in the week when someone for one of the first times in the mission... made me mad haha. I usually love this guy and he is hilarious but he was super drunk and he was saying all kinds of crazy stuff. In an effort to bring the spirit in, when his 3 year old daughter walked up, I asked him you love your daughter right? I was going to make a comparison... he told me something that threw me off a bit... he said no he doesnt love anyone and he does everything with his own hands. When the little girl turned and hid her face I was straight up madddddd... No lo diga otra vez o vamos a golpear varon... ok not to that point but it taught me that its important to always love the people no matter what. So in the practices I had the investigators say something to the missioneries to make them mad... it was hilarious to walk around and hear everything from im already baptized, as a woman I have priesthood authority, and you have to say the real name of God in a prayer which is Jehova. It was really a fun time actually and great to hear how others reacted.
In our divisiones we taught this 18 year girl named Monica that has a baptismal date and is seriously the best investigator I Have evver seen. She went to church by herself, read her whole plan of salvation pamphlet, and asked us if she could go to EFY... I thought those didnt exist hahaa. Sadly not my area but it was still great. 
The next day we went to the temple and it was such a neat experience. I always try to feel like I have Papa next to me in the temple, and even though he wasnt physically there, the person who did sit next to me is my grandfather in the mission Elder McDonald. He was just made AP and he is a really powerful missionary. i have only seen him one other time and so the fact that this happened was an interesting perspective on prayer. President Garcia gave every missionary a blessing yesterday and it was so awesome. He is such an amazing man.
I love you all and miss ya tons!
Elder Jordan Saunooke

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