Sunday, April 30, 2017

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ 1/30/17 ~ The Black Plague...

Ok well we had a worldwide training conference this week with some huge new announcements... we are now only going to use 4 key indicators, and we are also changing the daily horario of the mission!! It is crazy to see the stone cut without hands rolling forward in these latter days.

I got sooooooooooooooo sick this week..... like want to die terrible sick with about everything you can imagine. The funny thing is that we ate with a sister who served a mission a long time ago and in her mission, her and her companion along with the zone went to eat with some americans and they gave them very little food and she felt very mistreated.... I dont think it was vengeance intentionally on her part but... man did it feel like it. The best part of being sick is that Hermana Ruiz gave me permision to drink Coke like the whole weekend... that part was nice...... not gonna lie. 

We baptized on Saturday and it was so great to see Berta so happy to get baptized. She is the cutest little old lady and was worried about the water being cold but we heated it up, and she was so excited that after she got baptized she said to another investigator there... what are you waiting for, go on, its already ready!!

Yesterday we ate with Romel´s mother in law and her son came over and he is hilarious. His name is Marco and it was like sitting down to dinner with Dad and Rob... I could not stop laughing. They were remembering one sister that had served here and were saying she isnt that bad... you just have to get in like 10 or more car crashes before you see herXD

Tomorrow we are doing divisiones with the Assistents so it should be a great learning week.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to hear about Ansley!!!!!! I knew you could do it girl!!!

Elder Jordan Saunooke

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