Sunday, April 30, 2017

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ Un Buen Taco No Anda En Cualquier Tortilla ~ 3/27/17

Hi Family!!!

Wow I am already in the last week of the transfer! This last week went by really fast, and honestly it was a challenging week, but we were able to achieve lots. We had about 20 appointments this week that fell through, but we visited about 15 people less active, and every single one that we visited went to church.

We presented our ward mission plan and we made a powerpoint and showed it in our ward council. We want to focus on working with member references and if the plan works out we should be having 80 references a month. I really doubt that we will receive so many references but, if we could receive a few a month I would honestly be really happy. 

This week I have really understood the importance of receiving personal revelation and receiving revelation for an asigned area. If we really read and understand the scriptures and think about how powerful all the things that were said or discerned by the prophets are... its because they were able to receive what the people needed to hear. I have adapted a lot my teaching style and tried to really make everything very specific and personal. Many missionaries say things like ¨if you go to church this week, the Lord will send you many blessings, and you will have more happiness in your life¨and as companions we are trying to promise blessings more specifically just as we are shown in the book of Isaiah. ¨ And the Lord shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in droughtand make fat thy bones: and thou shalt be like watered garden, and like spring of water, whose waters fail not.¨

We had our alineaciĆ³n de llaves meeting with President Morales and Presidente Ruiz this week and it was like a room full of power. I respect and love them both a lot and I am grateful to have a wonderful mission president and a powerful stake president. 

Last night we had a 3 stake meeting about seminary and institute and I think the most impacting thing that I heard was from a talk that was shared by the stake president of Itzimna. He shared a talk from President Kimball that says that the four most important goals in life are first exaltation and eternal life, second temple marriage, third mission, and fourth seminary and institute. All the missionaries of these stakes were invited and it was packed. I know that as we center our lives around these things, we will truly be happy. 

I forgot my agenda in the house and I dont remember all of the details of the week but, I love you guys all a ton and hope you have a great week!!! Happy Spring!!

ps- that title is something i saw in the street in a taco stand and I think it is hilarious


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