Sunday, April 30, 2017

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ Mission Fast and Septimo Dia ~ 4/17/17

Hi family!! This was a really busy week as well but very rewarding!! We were able to find 9 new investigators this week and 5 of them are from a Seventh day adventist family! It was a very funny lesson because i almost never planch or in english reprimand with the scriptures, but it was really the perfect opportunity to do it... we were teaching and the mom of the family starting hypocritically inviting us to read the bible and to understand what it says there and the whole truth... so I asked her what she thought about baptisms for the dead. She told me she had never heard of that and so we showed her where its at in her bible, and we were then talking about the spirit world and she got super mad and stood up and starting screaming at my companion and asking him if he believes that we can talk with spirits. She lost it and was interrogating him, so I changed the subject and asked her if she thought it was important to invite the holy spirit to be with us... she replied yes. I then read to her the fruits of the spirit (love, joy, peace) and asked her if she thought that screaming at my companion was the proper way to invite the spirit..... hahhahaha  im so bad. She practically changed colors in front of us, calmed down, accepted another visit, and gave us dessert bread and water:)

I dont know if you guys remember the family i told you guys about when we visited the youth whose dad showed up and we thought we had lost that family from teaching? Well we visited them this week and his mom was there and she is a sweetheart!! One of the nicest people i have met in the mission!! She loved what we shared and I think we may have some baptismal dates for that family in the not so distant future!!

We had a multizone meeting and my companion and I asked the zone to give us money so that we could have Sister Moya make us a lunch for the zone after the meeting, and it was so great! I think we were the envy of the mission hahaha!

We fasted as a mission this week so that we can fulfill the goal of 25 baptisms a week and we had a great experience after fasting. We found another small family at 8 oclock last night and it was like a classic mission experience. It was far away and raining and there was no transportation to get back to our house but walking home we were very happy because God has blessed us with lots of success this week!

We are going to start working with the sister trainers of our zone in a ward that shares our building but that has not had missionaries for over a year and they are super excited to start working with us. We are going to dedicate one day a week to help them progress! I am so happy to be here and I cant wait to see you guys in just a few short weeks! 
Elder Jordan Saunooke

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