Sunday, April 30, 2017

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~Big Brother... AGAIN! 3/13/17

YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  I am a big brother again!!!! Felicidades Mom and Dad!! She looks beautiful and I cant wait to see her!!!

This week was honestly pretty tiring because we had a zone conference we had to organize on tuesday and then we were in a multizone conference on wednesday! It was a lot of fun, and my companion Elder Roa and I were in charge of the practices! I love the new way we do our 8 principles meetings, and I feel like my rate of learning will really soar.

This week I have really learned the importance of following the spirit, and how important it is in missionary work. I think I have spent the majority of my mission not understanding that, and this week is when I finally realized it... :P We contact lots here in my area, but almost everyday the last week we had a spiritual impression to contact a house and sometimes there are huge dogs guarding the house, or the person looks really unfriendly but boom... a really strong future investigator:) I also learned the importance of how great shall be your joy with save only one soul, because honestly after all day contacting, when someone finally is cool and accepts, it is the best feeling ever!

This Sunday I was a little disappointed and sad because some of the investigators that had committed to come to church didnt show up, and it is really sad when that happens honestly because it feels like the whole week of working was in vain... but something hilarious happened yesterday. We went with Romel to teach a 7 day adventist and he was really stubborn and contentious and while we are teaching, a drunk guy comes over to talk to us... with his certificate of being ordained an elder in the melchezidek priesthood in his hands.. it was like no manches what kind of terrible example is that but it was also hilarious! At the end of the lesson the guy told us he was not interested in studying our pamphlet because he has his own study books, but his wife gave him a huge slap in the face when she stopped us, and said that she wants us to visit her as soon as possible and she needs to hear more of our message... That was such a cool moment in my mission:)

We did a district activity today and it was my first activity I have had since last April!!! It was super fun and we got surprised soaked by the district when we got there! We played volleyball and the version with water balloons and towels. 

Tomorrow we have splits with the assitants, and so I am excited to learn more from my leaders. I love you all and.... welcome to the fam Laurel Anne!:)

Elder Jordan Saunooke

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