Sunday, April 30, 2017

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ General Conference Weekend ~ 4/3/17

Hi Family!!!

How are you guys doing? Were you guys able to enjoy all the sessions of General Conference?? Watching General Conference in the mission is about the closest we get to watching the Superbowl... we buy food, and get super excited, and we are in air conditioning! We had an english group in the high priest council room on Saturday to watch the conference and I watched it in spanish on Sunday. 

One of our best investigators went to two conference sessions and she loved it! She is 79 but she know the bible like the back of her hand and every time they quoted a scripture from the bible she knew it word for word.... like every single scripture without a single mistake. Her name is Rosy and she really is a sweetheart. 

On Friday we went to Las Americas to do a baptismal interview for Elder Mosqueda and Elder Lopez and the guy that I interviewed is a genius. He understands the gospel on a whole new level and it was such a wonderful experience to be with someone who had developed such a strong testimony in a period of about 2 weeks... that shows that God really does prepare people. We ate cheeseburgers in a super nice place called Angry Angus and these burgers were so big it was difficult to finish. 

On Saturday the elders of Las Americas and the sisters of Chuburna had their baptismal services in our chapel after conference. We had to fill the baptismal font and the stake president Morales helped us out to cork the drain because it is messed up and all the water goes out. 

Its about 102 degrees right now and going up everyday so its definitely not winter here anymore. I hope you guys loved the conference and I invite you to all review the messages that were shared!


Elder Jordan Saunooke

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