Sunday, April 30, 2017

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ Best area ever! ~ 1/16/17

Ok so this is seriously the best area ever. Last Monday when I got here, the bishop bought us tortas de pastor and brought them to us for dinner, and I got to wash my garments in a washing maching because we have one in our house.... life is good.

On tuesday we had our district and zone meeting, and since I had been in Escarcega for a long time, it felt weird to be reunited with so many missionaries. We have a huge zone of 20 missionaries and we are the richest zone in the whole mission... Zona Chuburna. We actually have the APs in our zone. 

Wednesday we went to go visit two investigators who are super great, and they both accepted a baptismal date but.... they are moving out of our area and we will have to pass them along as references to other missionaries in the zone. We contacted a guy who let us come into his home, and he and his wife are super intelligent, and have lots of questions, but like to learn. We found out that they are both Calvinists and practice lots of Reformers beliefs but it was a great lesson and I think they will progress a lot.

On Thursday we ate with the Moya family, and the mom and the son of the family actually served in this mission. The son Adrian Moya is the one who baptized return missionary Eduardo from Libertad! They are from Mexico City originally but they have been living here for about 5 months. The sister told me she would make me fettucine alfredo the next time we eat with her, and for dessert she gave us banana bread and ice cream.... I could get used to that. She also went with us to visit one of our investigators named Berta. She is this tiny little 80 year old lady that since she received the book of Mormon read up until Mosiah in one week! She has a baptismal date and she is such a sweet lady. The lesson was not the most spiritual unfortunately because when we were singing, she was trying to follow along and sing with us, and so she was making up the words and singing super loudly, and I made the mistake of looking up at her, and I busted up because she was directing us like a choir director. I could not stop laughing, and everytime i did, my companion would start.... I think Sister Moya was about ready to kill us, but it ended up being a good lesson at the end, and she went to church this sunday:)

Our ward mission leader is probably one of the coolest guys I have met since I came out on the mission. He is 24 and is a return missionary that served in Honduras. He is probably the funniest guy I know and he helps us a ton! He knows more doctrine and scripture stuff than anyone I have met in the mission, and is really just cuate. He took us to Sams club today and then to go eat in Subway that is in Progreso. 

We have a ward of about 90 active, and I gave a talk this week. 

I really love this area, and there are lots of parts that honestly remind me of Miami. There is lots of money in this area, which means that lots of people are very hard hearted but there is lots of potential here.

Happy birthday Ansley!!!!! Love you tons sweet girl and hope you have an awesome week!!!

Elder Jordan Saunooke

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