Sunday, April 30, 2017

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ Busy, busy, busy! ~ 4/10/17

Wow I think this week was one of the busiest weeks I have had since I came out on the mission. We had two meetings with President Ruiz and the stake presidents of Stake Chuburna and Stake Itzimna, a mission leadership conference,  and my companion Elder Roa and I were in charge of the stake ward mission leader training last night! The week honestly went by very fast, and we are tired but its good to always be anxiously engaged in a good cause:)
On Tuesday I turned 17 months in the mission and it keeps going by very quickly. We had an interesting learning experience that day and it happened for not listening to the spirit. We taught a young man that is 16 years old and that we had contacted the week before. He is really great, understands very well, is anxious to learn, and we were getting along great and teaching the message of the restoration, and we were in the living room of his house with the door open... his parents are divorced and he lives with his mom who is constantly working. His dad shows up at the end of the lesson and was not very happy to see us at his home.... even though this young man invited us in to the living room what we should have done was stay in front of the front door and teach there to not disrepect the father of the home (even though he doesnt live there)... it was something that both my companion felt before beginning to teach, and as strong as the spirit was during the lesson, just as strong was the contention that was felt when the dad showed up.... it ended okay and we put another appointment but it would have been more ideal if we had listened to the council of Elder Rasband and followed the first impression. That night we had our Alineacion de llaves meeting with stake president Soliz and President Ruiz, and we talked about how we can work better in the stake of Itzimna. It is a very rich stake but it also has lots of pueblitos that are easier to progress so we want to focus the missionaries of the zone in visiting other pueblitos too. President Soliz wants to use visits with retired members a lot, and his phrase of the night was "no hay jubilados para el Señor".
Wednesday we had another meeting of Alineacion de llaves with President Morales and President Ruiz, and we talked about what activities we can do as a stake and we settled on doing a baile de los cabezones or in english the big head dance, which is a cool dance with giant paper mache heads that originated in Guatemala and we want to do sketchs with the members and learn how to do visits as home teachers to less active members. We also contacted a guy that I wanted to contact because he had a krav maga shirt on, and it turns out that his brother is the president of Krav maga for the whole state of yucatan! This guy is the 2nd best marksmen in yucatan too, and he studied theology... he was giving me goosebumps with all the stuff he was saying. He related the beginning of the bible with the end, has read the pearl of great price, and studied the bible in hebrew and greek.... he is probably the most knowledegable guy ive ever contacted but he didnt accept visits from us because he doesnt want to join any church... he is buena onda though:)
This week we had real Mexican food (enchiladas) because we ate with a family from the Ciudad de Mexico named the Rincon family. They are new here in the ward, and they are some of my favorite people here.
Friday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!! En un dia feliz.... una niña nacio... que se llama Morgan... y que sea feliz:) We had a Consejo de Liderazgo meeting on friday morning and we talked about the new excellence goal we have from the area presidency... 25 baptisms a week as a mission. We did a giant brainstorm activity to come up with how we are going to accomplish that goal and it was great to see all of the inspiration that is received by the leaders of the mission.
On Saturday the sisters of Arboledas had a baptism and we brought one of our investigators there to see it. We hope to have a baptismal date for her within the next two to three weeks:) We also taught a lady named Margarita that we have been teaching for a while, but this time we taught her the plan of salvation using a short video from youtube we found and it was such a great lesson! She knows its true, but its hard for her to make the choice to leave behind her religion so we are really hoping that she can receive a clear answer this week.
Last night we did the capacitacion of the ward mission leaders of the stake because President Morales asked us to train the ward mission leaders, and it was a wonderful learning experience. It went really well and I hope we can see some progress this transfer in the wards of the stake!
I love you tons and hope you have a great week! The sensacion termica or the what it feels like number last week got up to 130, but the good news is that... they gave us air conditioning to all the zone leaders woooohhooooooooo por fin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a great week and I will try to send pics later!
Elder Jordan Saunooke

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