Sunday, April 30, 2017

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ 16 Months ~ 3/6/17

Hi family!!! Que dicen? Como están? Como les ha ido?? Que milagros me cuentan de la semana pasada? Ya nació la niña?? 

This week seemed to go by extra fast, and we were pretty busy every single day! On Tuesday we did divisiones with the elders of Pensiones and Elder Ocampo went with my companion Elder Roa, and I went with Elder Perez! Elder Perez got in the mission at the same time as my son Elder Nuñez, so he has very little time here but I honestly learned a lot from him. We taught a lesson to a pentecostal guy named Ruben that got really hung up on the fact that the restoration pamphlet has a picture of Jesus Christ and that that is against the ten commandments, and also we cant possibly know that Jesus Christ was white or bearded or anything like that. We responded in many different ways, including a way I had never thought about teaching before because i taught that Jesus Christ was from the lineage of David, and then I showed him in Samuel that David was blonde... interesting the way some lessons turn out sometimes:)  I was honestly losing my patience with him a little bit, but Elder Perez was great in keeping a smile and the spirit, and we ended up having a really good lesson:)

The next morning the assistents called and let us know that Elder Ocampo and Elder Perez had special changes and that they were going to Oxzcutzcab where the sisters had been, and the sisters were coming to Pensiones.  That afternoon we contacted an old investigator that is 14 that has all the answers to the Gospel memorized. We are hopeful that he will be able to get baptized this month.

On Friday we had our leadership meeting with President and it was honestly really great. President organized a new way to do district meetings so that we can focus on the 8 principles of missionary work, focusing on one principle each month. This is really going to be a great way to learn and to have better meetings. 

Saturday i turned 16 again!!! Well not exactly... but I did complete 16 months in the mission:)

Yesterday we had lunch with a sister that is a nurse and always likes to give us healthy food so she gave us agua de chaya to drink... it was like drinking a plant. We found an inactive sister who is 25 years old who no longer wants anything to do with the church. She is really cool and super funny honestly, but it is sad to see how she grew to be hard in her testimony. She is engaged and she said jokingly to her boyfriend a few weeks ago that in her church people dont get married, they get sealed together for time and all eternity. She loves the temple but doesnt want to come back to church. It is sad to see because she knows she wants a temple marriage. We told her that the temple is still an option for her if she wants. 
Last night we ate hot dogs with Bishop Tek and his wife. They are really great and i love being with them. Tomorrow we have a zone conference and we still need to organize it rato;)

I love you all and I cant wait to see the pics of the new Saunooke!!! Yay for being a big brother again!! Welcome to the Saunooke family pequeñita!

Elder Jordan Saunooke

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