Sunday, April 30, 2017

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ Ya ves?? Que ingrato es... jajajajXDD ~ 2/27/17

This week went by really fast honestly and this week marks the end of the month of February. 

On Tuesday we ate lunch with Hermana Moya and she made us lasagna.. that was the first time I have eaten lasagna since I left home. I love when she cooks lunch for us!! Her son Adrian, invited over two of his classmates from the university and they are both really great and 21 years old. I was really hoping that they lived in our area to be able to visit them but... no fue asi:( They still gave us their direction so that we can send other missionaries to visit them and I guess sometimes te toca sembrar la semilla y a veces te toca ver la cosecha:)

On Wednesday we went looking for less active members and found a less active guy from Queretero named Chalio that is a painter that is paralizyed from the waist down, and has limited mobility in his arms and hands, but is ridiculously talented! He speaks about a million miles an hour and when we shared the scripture with him, he made my companion stand up and put one of his hands on his head and (force the scripture) into him... it was a joke but he wanted us to understand the importance of strongly declaring testimony. He hasnt been to church in 11 years, and physically cant, but he has forgotten much because he assured us that he only drinks the best Tequila Don Julio. He gave us like 4 references to go visit close by. 

On Thursday in our weekly planning session we were starving and ordered a pizza from Dominos and it got to the house late so.... #freepizza. Best planning session ever. 

Saturday night we visited Bertha and she asked me if Elder Zurita (my last comp) still talks to me and when i told her that he doesnt, she replied ya ves? Que ingrato es... translate that and you guys will die laughing as well:D

We did divisiones yesterday with two members and even though lots of people reject us in this area especially, Pahoran and I found 2 great new investigators, and we are slowly finding the wheat in the midst of the tares:)) 

I cant believe that we enter into March this week... que rapido!!! I love you guys all a ton and hope you have a great week:))

Elder Jordan Saunooke

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