Monday, August 22, 2016

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ 6/13/16 "Counting down til the hug...." ;)

Hey mom!!! Man less than 500 days until i can freaking hug you again!! Well we got back in Peto on tuesday and we had a great week! We set a baptismal date with Roberto and we had our branch movie night on Saturday! So it turns out... I had transfers! My companion ended up being fine and his inflammation miraculously went away but we both got transfered to different place today! I am now serving as district leader in Kanasin. There are no street signs here and its huge but my zone leaders are my dad Elder Nolasco and then his comp Elder Butterfield. My comp is Elder Flores and I think this might be a.... testimony trying transfer to be honest... But we do have a ward so i will be in a ward for the first time in the mission! And there is supposedly ac in the ward... Its crazy that i honestly do miss Peto and I wonder if thats how its always gonna happen.. you get there and you are overwhelmed and then you leave loving it.  Well I hope that I can receive lots of spiritual strength this transfer and that I can grow because of it. I love you all tons and have a great week!
Elder Saunooke

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