Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Elder Jordan Saunooke - 8/22/16 - "Somos Pech"

Ok well I will start off by explaining the title... in Yucatan, there are lots of mayan last names and Pech is very common... it means garrapata or in english.. tick. We have an Elder Torres that is our Executive secretary that calls everyone by their last name followed by Pech and so that habbit has now stuck.... everyone is elder or sister so and so pech.
This week has been very good, very interesting, and super long to be honest. I am pretty sure this was a week of 14 days. We started off this week being in a trio and it was me, Elder Robles, and Elder Lexiur. We had our zone interviews and from there it was decided that we would no longer be a trio because Elder Robles would be going home for medical reasons... 
It was a long process to get everything ready, and without going into major details lets just say that at the end of it all... i got like maybe 4 hours of sleep in that whole transition. 
I have loved being with Elder Lexiur. We get along super well and he likes to work and also likes to have fun. On Saturday we did an activity with the youth of the stake and we did a mini mission conference and then we went out with the youth to find people to teach. I went out with a kid who is 19 years old and already has his mission papers in, and another kid who is 14. We were in an area i have never visited but it was super fun, because we got to experience what the mission life is with these kids. We contacted 5 different people, and had 3 lessons all in a little over an hour... it was a very cool experience. And very tiring... I have been super tired all this week and through it all, i have very much enjoyed it. 
On Friday we ate a ton... it started because I called a sister that lives close to us and asked her if we could eat breakfast with her because we were hungry but for whatever reason, we ate at just about every appointment that day. 
Sunday was the day I gave a talk about seminary and the importance of attending.. I cant believe that I already have more than a year since I graduated from seminary... wow that is crazy. 
One of the humbling experiences that i had this week was helping a less active sister find a place to stay and something to eat because her drug addict brothers were being violent and forced her out of the house. It made me really appreciate the blessings that i have been given. Maybe I dont have all the things that id like to have right now, but i have a home, and i have food, and im not worried for my life.... not everyone can say that. i think the mission could be described as dedicating your time and efforts so that others can be happy. Thats really what it is:)
Love you guys a ton,
Elder Jordan Saunooke

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