Monday, August 22, 2016

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ 7/4/16 ~ JOSSSSEEEEE CAN YOU SEEEEEE!??

Hey everyone and Happy Fourth of July!!! Oh and also happy 8 months in the mission to me thank you thank you;) Well the big thing that i want to write about this week would be the really cool experience that we had yesterday. As i said previously Bianca wanted to wait until august to get baptized but this week being fast sunday she wanted to really put fasting to the test and see what would happen. She and her husband were both nervous about their ability to do it, but they both did it this week and she got the answer she should get baptized this week!! so we should have a baptism this week!! That was such a powerful testimony building experience.
Other highlights of this week would be getting root beer for the first time in 8 months thanks to hermano Paco and drinking about 8 cans in one night with Nolasco and going to Los Trompos today to celebrate Independence Day.
A nonhighlight would be going to get a filling at the dentist today and hey guess what? I hate the dentist in Mexico even more than in the States! She is cool though and a member and sings Come Thou Fount as she drills into your teeth!
Ok well this keyboard barely works and its super Africa or better said Mexico hot,
so love you all!!
Elder Jordan Saunooke

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