Monday, August 22, 2016

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ 6/27/16

Well life is just great here in good ol Kansas City. The days are really flying here. Presidente Garcia y su esposa ya chu pit tulakka. They are almost on their way out... it will be sad to see them go but I am excited to See Presidente Ruiz again:)
Ok well im gonna start off by talking about the funnest thing that I have seen in the mission so far. We had a talent show night with the ward and the HEFY group on Wednesday and it was so so fun! It was kinda hilarious because the american girls came out and sang that whole let me kiss you song and Elder Butterfield and I were sitting right in front and we were like man this is so awkward hahaha! And so white and UtahXD  Then one of our members gave the finale and was full on mariachi dressed and brought down the house. Every one ended up dancing at the end and it was so hard not to join! We were just sitting there tapping our feet haha. One of the cougars of our Area latched on to Trevor the Rm of the HEFY group that speaks spanish and started dancing with him and asked Hna Carmen to film it. I love Carmen so much. She was making me laugh so hard because the cougar asked her to film her dance with Trevor and the whole time she is filming she is saying how she was the cougar of Elder Harris, now of Trevor, and then me... I said no me diga, and the funny part is that when we went to eat with her on Friday the video was on Facebook and if you really pay attention you can hear us talking... oops... nimodo.
We found two super cool youth investigators that are brother and sister this week age 17 and 19 named Carlos and Nancy. They didnt wanna listen to us at first but then we could get them to let us leave they loved it so much. They asked us to come back the next day, and Sunday Nancy went with us to church and stayed the full three hours! She is super cool but the funny thing is, she has no idea of missionary rules or anything so in church she was trying to whisper a question to me and like put her head on my shoulder. Not as like a flirty thing but it was still funny how you realize how mission rules are for those who have no church background :P Her brother Carlos is very smart and loves to read the book of mormon and I really think they both have the chance to be baptized. 
Bianca should be baptized to but she wants to be baptized with her niece who turns 8 in august... but she is so ready! She also came the whole three hours.
Friday night the bishop baptized his father in law who for 20 plus years has rejected missionaries but finally accepted the gospel. It was cool because he didnt want to have people at his baptism but the whole HEFY group showed up, and then he ended up thinking he was the coolest guy on the planet and taking pics with all the white girls haha:)
Sunday night there was a fireside testimony meeting and i was frying my brain going back and forth translating english and spanish, especially when they would cry.. but it was a great experience and i am so grateful for the talents that God gives each and every one of us. I encourage you all to go find yours:) 
I am gonna go have a FHE with Carmen tonight and im really hoping she made pancakes but we will see:)
Love you all tons and hey the Next pday is the 4th!!:)
Love Elder Jordan Saunooke

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